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These posts get us all caught up, and today we have something special: the first post to be tagged by multiple people.

And now, the first post tagged by multiple posters, made of course by none other than…

Link to the post if you haven’t already blessed it with a like.


LOL that Trump post is going to soon be the most-liked post on UP

Really amazing to read through. I spend a lot of time reading these forums but I probably had not seen 65% of those posts before.



Let’s take a look at some more of our best posting:

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It’s been about 6 weeks, let’s see what we may have missed:


This one is pretty damn funny. I don’t think he lasted a day.



Two days. Then the Beirut explosion happened.


Alright gang, let’s take a look at some of the finest posts of the past 4 weeks:
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Neither can we, spidercrab. Neither can we.


Is there an address where we can send spidercrab a gift card for food that isn’t terrible?


Donations thread is way more amazing that I thought I guess.


Better yet, is there a place we can send gift cards for food that is much much worse?


The calorie counts on that Skyline menu are the most preposterous lies I’ve ever seen in print.


I would pay to fund @Riverman on an Anthony Bourdain style travel show where he experiences the distinct cuisine found only in specific parts of the world, except he only visits Trump-branded properties.

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Remember the Trump martini?

Trump Grill Could Be the Worst Restaurant in America

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This would be the reverse of Bourdain’s “see guys, people that look and talk different can be awesome” theme. More like “yep, they all look the same and they’re all irredeemable.”

I’ve spent so much time in rural Ohio. It is (much) worse than you city slickers could ever imagine.


It would be an instant hit in the post-Trump landscape. Every episode is one trainwreck after another. The most shocking episodes are the ones where the food isn’t completely terrible.

Imagine Kitchen Nightmares, but it’s only the first part of the episode where he sends back everything on the menu for being absolutely disgusting.

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I want to make something clear, in case it’s ambiguous:

I do not personally benefit from receiving non-cash donations. So far, I’ve received an Amazon gift credit and a Skyline Chili gift card. In both cases, I deposited an equal amount of my own cash into the unstuck paypal account.

So the transfer looks like this:

[ UPer ] ----non-cash donation—> [ spidercrab ] — cash donation in equal amount—> [ paypal ]

No one is actually giving me money. (And I don’t need any money.) It’s just a more interesting/convoluted/stomach-damaging way to contribute to UP.

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[ UPer ] ----non-cash donation—> [ spidercrab ] — cash donation in equal amount—> [ paypal ] —> [bankwire] —> [ATM] —> TITT1ES


This is the saddest money laundering scheme ever.