Sports LC Thread

Whatever they do will invariably be better than whatever they had planned. I think I read they were going to bring guys to the stage on a fucking boat this year or some nonsense

It was changed, but of course the NCAA’s first reaction was to shut it down.

Just another Thursday. I’m totally not crying. sniff


Cardinal fan here, I’m crying too.

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I mean, no matter your team, that is just a really good article

Bump for new users. We already have active threads for many of your sportsball needs. Here’s a sampling:

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Can we make Sports a separate category, like how About the Forum and Sundry Chichat and French BBV are?


I think we are waiting on the cookie.

Perfect time to do this, there are literally no sports atm

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Clearly you guys don’t play daily fantasy on eSports.

Maybe no current sports, but now would be a great time to determine whether LeBron is better than MJ, or whether JoePa did, in fact, know.

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Yeah, I’d like some input from the other half of Team Admin.

Remember when sports were a thing? Those were fun.

Maybe a Sports and Games category? Which can be divided again when either becomes too big for one category?

Sports are serious business not some child’s game of jacks or pick up sticks.

Oh dear God no please

Lebron is the GOAT. Is there really even a debate still?

Terrible 2p2 SE posters:


I like sports.

Yeah that’s the LFC_USA bat signal and he is not fun

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