Fighting thread

Super excited to see Pettis again and always happy to see Romero.

Obviously we deserve a better OP but it’s near 2am and I’m a lazy bugger.

Michael Conlan looks every inch the superstar, pity he is only selling himself to his own. Boxing has never be divided here but there isn’t a chance Conlan has the backing of the whole community.

Great craic but a real shame.

Don’t think he cares as he see his future in America.

Was gonna keep this in sports but I’m happy.

UFC 241 Prelim fight was fantastic. Love this Klose guy.

War Diaz!

2 little guys delivered.

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got a stream if anyone needs 1

PM me for link

lol epic start to this one!

‘The ability of both these men to eat these power-shots.’

It’s because they have 1 brain cell between them

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I was entertained

That wasn’t bad.

First leg of bet beat lol.

Crowd sounds crazy.


War Diaz!

Can’t believe I doubted him.

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Too bad he couldn’t finish him

I don’t think Diaz would ever lose a fight if there were unlimited rounds.

So I got Cormier. What says the thread?

I had Romero, Pettis and DC.

Probably best to get your $$$ on Stipe.

I had Romero also. I’m sure your pick record overall is better than mine so don’t sweat it.

that takedown

Yikes. Spidey sense tingling here. I think dc is gassing.

i agree!