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I have been hesitant to start this simply because I have not seen a lot of interest/talk about the NBA in the sports thread.

However I decided to do it now. I am a Mavericks fan, so this has been a very pleasant surprise of a season. But the league overall is interesting this year with Golden State DOA. Quite a few teams with championship aspirations and interesting storylines with each. The Lakers and Lebron, the Clippers and Kawhi, Milwaukee, Boston, Philadelphia, the unsightly Rockets. You can even look at the other end where some teams who had potential playoff aspirations are being crushed like Atlanta and Phoenix.

Other interesting teams are my Mavericks, the Spurs who have struggled but are still in line for a potential playoff spot, Ja Morant and the young grizzlies, and the potential debut of Zion.

Do you NBA?

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LaMelo Ball just quit his Australian League team to spend more time with his horse LaMelo. I wish this was a joke.

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I’m a Knick fan, so no I do not NBA

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I thought trading KP was terrible for the Knicks but where are you guys at with him, mildly disappointed or about what you expected?

Thanks for starting this, don’t have a favorite team most years, just root for players I like.

LeBron with an absolutely ridiculous RAPM so far considering he’s ninety years old.


I am okay with where he is at right now. I would like to see him become a better rebounder but otherwise he is okay. I think he still has a lot of room to improve.

Not disappointed just more wait and see. He has been missed the last eight games he was out.

Yeah LeBron is killing it. Leading the league in assists is crazy. But he is carrying that team on his back (including AD)

The Thunder have been a nice surprise. I was prepared to completely tune out this team after trading away two All-NBA talents. Will be interesting to see what moves Presti makes before the deadline.

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Seattle resident and former Sonics fan here. Fuck the NBA forever.

Edit: Fuck Howard Schultz and Wally Walker just as hard and lube free.

Marksman started an NBA thread about a month ago…

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I knew it would be high traffic once someone made a thread!

The season LeBron is having at his age is unreal :goat:

Yeah Lebron’s season is crazy good. Being the best player on a team with prime Anthony Davis is extreme. I feel like it is a LeBron / Giannis mvp race right now.

Meanwhile I sad sack around while my Mavs fumble around. They have an all time best efficient offense this year BUT in crunch time of fourth quarter have the worst offense in the league this year.

NBA gonna give Zion every call to help carry his weight.

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