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We will need this thread soon anyway right?

Andrew Luck is retiring in a shocking turn of events

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Image some guy on this forum had an anti-Red Zone hot take. Red Zone can not come soon enough! Also, I am also a lolphins fan if you didn’t know. My grandma moved to Boca area just after their undefeated season so they were a pretty big deal when I’d visit her over christmas break so I ended up Dolphins fan rather than the typical Bills fan for someone from Toronto. It was a pretty good deal until Marino retired, but also no regrets about not being a Bills fan when they were good and then breaking hearts every single super bowl


I’ve been a Dolphins fan since I was 12 which was Marino’s record breaking year. Parents were both die hard Cowboys fans but I just couldn’t

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I was born in Bmore in 71, so lifelong Oriole and Colt fan. Been in KC my entire adult life, so add the Chiefs and Royals.

totally no longer a fanatic in my old age, so don’t much care and think Luck is wise to retire.

wat was dat ninja edit/ deletion :slight_smile:

Sorry posted nudie selfie by mistake

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Thought you were from cali

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moved to cali when I was 2ish… but when I was old enough, I felt an allegiance to where i was from. Remember watching the Orioles squander a 3-1 World Series lead to the Pirates in 79, i was eight

Was an A’s fan somewhat, and still a Sacramento Kings fan

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It is weird living in Toronto and being a dolphins fan when they’ve been such a shit team for 20 year sand my grandma died 15 years ago and I have no connection to Florida at all anymore. I’d probably root for a Toronto team if they ever get one, but otherwise looks like I’m stuck with Miami. At least their owner is a huge POS so I can be happy for that while they keep losing.


Does anyone know how you can watch NFL for free in Australia? asking for a friend

Like Europe, prob air one game a week on some premium able channel.

I have my ways to get RZ

It is literally unwatchable with the Hanson audio.

Hanson’s better than NFL broadcasting teams that don’t include Tony Romo.

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I’m the other Toronto Dolphins fan

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there are some great streaming options, but when it’s live here(the early games anyway) its 3 am there os

anyway… PM me when you want the link to the free streams

oooi hee hoyheee

Football tailgating is almost non-existent in Ontario because it’s illegal to consume alcohol outside of homes and licensed venues.

just read this looking up why the bills don’t play in toronto anymore and well you’re never getting a team with this rule in place.

II think what you read was before we elected buck-a-beer Doug Ford

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