The Sumo Thread

Who is hyped for Aki basho? Is Hakuho the GOAT finally back to 100% after his injury? Can Tochinoshin possibly avoid getting demoted? Will this be the tournament where Sweet Baby Enho gets crushed to death trying to wrestle people twice his size? We’ll find out soon!

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Does this event offer profitable opportunities for the discerning handicapper?

Not in the US, afaik. Or at least I’d love to know how I could gambool on sumo. Reddit has a group of people that do a free fantasy sumo league that’s a lot of fun.

If Day 1 is any indication, the answers are No, No, and No!

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I would absolutely gambooolllll on this shit, if anyone finds out how let me know asap

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Hakuho has withdrawn.

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JFC what the actual fuck shit Christ he was my main guy on my fantasy team. I’m so bad at fantasy sumo.

Brutal, tho. Sad to see the sun set on what may be the greatest rikishi of all time. Baiscally Kakuryu has this in the bag unless Ichinojo wakes up and pulls off a crazy upset.

I’m officialy with John Gunning on the Hokutofuji hype train. I know Hak is injured, but that was some solid sumo. And what about Asanoyama? These young upstarts could give Kakuryu a run for his money, and maybe Goeido might step up for once and make a serious run for the cup.

All three lost today. Until he shows any sign of stumbling, Kakuryu remains the heavy favorite.

I guess it’s up to Goeido to make this interesting.

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Down goes Kakuryu. This basho is officially wide open.

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Enho vs. Shohozan on Day 4 = damn son, what a battle

I’m officially on the Enho hype train. How does this wee little boy manage to beat everyone? He’s like the protagonist of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

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Who saw this coming? Aki Basho is now totally up for grabs in a multi-way battle!

Abi technically has a winning record vs. Hakuho…

Uh, this looks pretty bad…

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I stan for life: