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I just foresee a bunch of people who hate losing doing nothing but leveling new accounts and starting over so they never lose a game. It’s something they will need to address because otherwise it will be super frustrating for new players who have to win a large majority of their legit games to rank up at all.

I haven’t played in a while, I got up to D2 once, but didn’t belong there. I was also in the terrible at aerials, good at positioning/strategy and adapting to my teammate’s tendencies club.

Genuinely good players won’t do that, in my opinion. Playing lower ranks makes you a worse player at higher ranks because you cant trust your teammates to ever hit the ball or rotate backward.

I can see a lot of trash plat players doing this. Plat is the worst fucking rank. It’s the perfect melding of players who don’t really understand the game but also think they’re super good because they can aerial dribble and score goals when its passed directly to them.

But if you’re a plat that needs to drop down to silver to feel like you’re good, you probably belong in silver IMO


I loved the NES Batman game, but there was a certain level I could never get past.

One time I rented a Game Genie, and I got farther but still couldn’t beat the game.

Apparently Among Us is on Google Play and App Stores so I guess I’ll be picking it up. There is cross play with PC. Also I think it’s free?

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This showed up in my youtube feed today. Great rant about Game Pass

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yea just posted in canadamatts thread but its free on mobile and fairly easy to play on mobile if you use discord at same time

I done both! The SNES game is way better designed but the Genesis one I liked the world a lot more.

The Genesis version was pretty clearly rushed for development because the actual plot you have to go through is pretty thin all in all. Easiest strategy is to start as a Samurai, make enough money to hire the good decker (Rianna Heartbane, I think)-- and to get out of Redmond Barrens, obv-- hack random systems until you can buy a good deck, hire the decker permanently, hack better systems, make more money, get your Reputation high enough to take Matrix runs from Caleb Brightmore for more cash/karma. Rinse/repeat until you want to get to the plot stuff.

There’s also a title screen cheat:

Enter ABBACAB on the start screen before pressing start. This will open a secret menu option that’s blank on the menu screen during the game. You can use this to get one crazy boost for the game-- 250,000 nuyen, +10 Karma, “Test Deck”, and more; but you can save the game, reload, and do it again. If you really want to go this route, get the money and the deck, get Karma until you have good stats, then use “Walk Fast” for the rest of the game.

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Not sure if it’s better to read the subliminal message as ABBAcab or abbACAB

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I assumed it was someone who was a fan of both Abba and Genesis, but I like this ACAB thinking

PS5 $500, $400 with no disc drive, doesn’t that crush the xbox s? Yikes.

The opposite right? Isnt the series X 499 and series S 299?

Is the 399 PS the same specs as the 499?

Yeah that $299 Xbox is pretty tempting although I’m probably better off sticking with PS5 if the games are backwards compatible. Probably won’t be getting anything for a while in any case.

Nothing good comes out for ps5 until later next year so I’m just gonna wait.

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Series S is technically weaker than either next gen’s from what I understand IDK.

I skipped the last gen so a PS5 with 1000+ PS4 titles available seems pretty good but it looks like there’s already a preorder clusterfuck and sold out almost everywhere… in less than a day. Good times.

Fuck the new rocket league patch they got rid of solo standard.

I don’t really trust Epic to make changes that keep the competitive player base happy but I guess we’ll see.

Spent some time with Spelunky 2 and my main takeaway is that I really miss playing the pixelated shareware version with my keyboard rather than a controller. I feel like you don’t jump quite far enough and your whip is too short in the sprite version. It’s difficult to the point of being a little frustrating but I’m sure it’ll get easier as I play more of it.

In their defense it was a dying mode - and kinda toxic - it just really sucks as a solo queuer constantly queuing into preformed teams of 3 in standard.

I wish they’d lower the prices on skins. They’re so absurd.

I gotta fix my pc so I can play on my pc account again on ps4.

I mostly stopped playing when they dropped Mac support and I had to play through GEForce, although the performance was surprisingly solid. I’ll probably play it some on my Switch now as long as it’s decent quality.