Among Us game creation/tracking thread

Hey, let’s have a thread for the game Among Us, available on Steam and mobile with cross play function, to set up times we can get together and play. Similar to Risky’s watch party thread. If somebody wants to host they can state the best time and date, set up a discord server, etc. The game is best played with voice chat though that isnt neccesary.

Among Us is a werewolfesque game in which a group of 10 players have two impostors living amongst them. There are three simultaneous goals in place. The villagers must complete a group of random tasks before they are all killed in order to beat the impostors, the impostors must achieve parity with the villagers by killing off the village one at a time. After a kill is made, the villagers who discover a body can call an emergency meeting where discussions can be had and a vote can be taken to kill a player.

So, think werewolf but instead of a NKN the wolves have dayvigs that have to be used in plain sight (with some advantages like quick travel through vents) to avoid detection.

It’s a lot of fun and only 5 bucks on the platforms above. If we can find a time and date to play with ten we should really consider it. Maybe we can cross promote with POG to fill.


Posting to subscribe.

Also its free on mobile if someone doesn’t have pc and is interested and you can use discord on mobile as well.

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I could be down for playing this on the weekend or something. I really suck at werewolf, tho.

I do to which is why I think I’ll like this a lot more. The addition of extra tasks and the wolves having to kill in broad daylight makes it a lot more interesting and presents a ton more opportunity for alibi than werewolf does.

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Never played WW, so this game seems right up my alley.

wish it was on ps4

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you can play it on mobile for free or any garbage pc for 5 bux.

its no secret hitler imo

Great game

Down to play whenever

Yea it’s not that similar to werewolf really, assuming we are on discord you need to be able to lie convincingly or quickly. I’m awful at it myself but haven’t played much. I have a friend that’s begging to play and we haven’t been able to get a good group but one time so I’ll see about picking a night.

My best times are like 8:30cst to 11pm cst

Each game only takes like 10 mins or less usually

I’m in.


how about Saturday 9/19 at 8:45 cst?

I have a friend that wants to play, we would really need at least 6-7 total to have a decent 1 impostor game.

Its possible i could pull one or two others if we lock down a time ahead of time.

Please post below if you’re in and send me a steam/discord name, pm if you woud like.

I’ll try on my mac, if its available

I’m in for Saturday (likely)


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I could maybe play Saturday although it would have to be like an hour later if people are still around. I only have it on mobile so not sure how join. My Discord is MJiggy#8119

Here is a server i just created, can just join it at that time.

As far as joining in the game, i’ll setup a game and then theres like a 4 letter code you use to join, same on mobile or pc.

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I’ve been goofing around with this game for a bit, it’s quite fun. The matchmaking seems really buggy or else I have a bad connection.

its buggy, thats the only downside, i havent played in a week or more and was hoping it was better now, last tim i played it a took a few mins of trying to get into the game.