Among Us game creation/tracking thread

My daughter just walked into the room and said “Have you heard of Among Us?”


yea my kids are into it, its all rage

Yeah my kids love it

Last weekend we did dozens of games

If people can keep the chat kid friendly then I got 3 of us in for a game anytime on the weekends or on weekday evenings

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Tried some public games, they felt like chaos and too much quitting. Fun game though

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yea public is ass i think, def a friends or group of people you know at least is optimal

yeah public is basically just for learning the maps, it seems. everyone just starts throwing out names with no reason or rhyme

Discord invite is invalid?

Joined, in

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in for Among us if you’ll have me!

tonight at 8:45, join the discord server if you havent and see you then.

i have myself and 2 friends locked in, i’ll take first come first serve after that till we get 10 i hope


sorry CST, 8:45CST

we could still use a few more if anyone wants in

@wirelessgrinder who were you?

It is definitely an impostor kind of night.

That was really fun. There’s a depth of strategy that I miss from the old werewolf threads. I got a little too buzzed at the end. I couldn’t quite figure out the nuances, but feel I did pretty good. Thanks guys.

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i was do u feel lucky in chat and wireless G in game.

Oh dunno why I didn’t put those pieces together in my head. Wireless G, wirelessgrinder. haha. DUHHH

I just stored you in my head as “black wolfy guy” and ignored your sn

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Sorry I missed this. Should be around at some point tomorrow if anyone wants to do round 2

I’m absolutely terrible at this game, but I did roll all of you for one round.

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Lol ya, I’m super bad too