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Great Crusader Kings 2 offer on HumbleBundle.

$1 gets you the base game plus 5 DLCs.

S15 gets you all the (non-cosmetic) DLC.

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Great Crusader Kings 2 offer on HumbleBundle.

$1 gets you the base game plus 5 DLCs.

S15 gets you all the (non-cosmetic) DLC.

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I have purchased the $15 tier and already had some DLCs.

I have duplicate keys for

Crusader Kings 2 (base game)
Legacy of Rome
Rajas of India
Sword of Islam
The Old Gods
Way of Life

If anyone is interested, let me know.

Ill take the Old Gods and Way of Life if noone else is interested

PM sent. Enjoy.

ck2 is a fantastic game

Just finished Outer Wilds (included in Xbox Game Pass on XB1, otherwise also on PC). Fantastic game, really recommend it.

Crusader Kings is by Paradox right?

Yes it is. Seems like a good game, but way too in depth for me

Yeah that whole studio seems to have been built on time sinks but I have well over 2k hours in EU4 and still at it. I dislike their commitment to DLC because it’s an obvious cash grab but I’ve not yet been disappointed

Free on Epic:
Mutant Year Zero (borrows heavily from Xcom)
Hyper Light Drifter

I don’t mind the DLC business model. It ensures years of free support (updates, patches, balances) and also keeps the games like CK2 or EU4 fresh for years. Unfortunately Paradox developed some bad habits because of it by releasing unfinished games (HOI4, Imperator) with the intention of fixing them later on through updates and DLC. Some of DLCs contain features that should definitely been in the base game.
I also think they should sell the older games and DLCs much cheaper or at least give a heavy discount on a bundle. The HumbleBundle offer was the first of its kind. CK2 is from 2012. Why is the non-discount price still 40 Euros? Why do 7 year old DLCs still cost 10 Euros? Why are the accompanying music and portraits sold separately? If you want to buy everything you are looking at close to 300 Euros which isn’t too bad if you are getting a thousand hours of fun out of it. I still feel Paradox are moving over to the dark side.


i’m obsessed with stellaris lately

i bought imperator rome right when it came out and i couldn’t get into it, there’s obviously a lot there i just don’t know how to attack it yet. but that’s exactly how i felt about stellaris when i first played it so i’m just gonna buy every dlc for imperator rome and keep trying it because it looks pretty good i guess

After 862 hours I agree lol.

So I’ve basically decided that I don’t buy Paradox games until a year after release lol. At that point the kinks have usually been worked out and the glaring awful parts have usually been fixed.

What up, dorks


Any old school D&Ders here?

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Classic wow released tomorrow. I played it heavily 15 years ago and am going to check it out again. From what I can tell retail is very easy. In classic taking on 2 mobs at once can easily kill you. It will be interesting to see if this is a long term success.

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Dirt Rally is free on Humble for another 53h

Let me know what you think. I’ve been considering firing it up again to see how long the nostalgia can hold me