Unstuck Politics T-Shirts

I’ve looked into having T-Shirts made for Unstuck. My younger daughter and I found and visited a screen printer who works in downtown Los Angeles. He is an artisan, working by and for himself, and a very cool guy. This is his business and his space ( https://letgoprinting.com/ ). It is a pretty cool place in an old building (for LA) which has an elevator operator. Here’s a look at the dude. https://www.meetup.com/Creative-Growth-SoCal/events/264851717/

He can supply a variety of shirts, but this production will be with the most expensive option. Blank shirts can be had for $2-$3, but from who knows where? For $7-$9 (maybe there’s an option for $4.50) blank shirts can be obtained from American Apparel ( https://www.americanapparel.com/en/ ). These shirts are made in Los Angeles with responsibly sourced material, by people receiving fair wages with benefits who I think participate in some ownership and with care for the environment.

If there is sufficient demand, the shirts will be produced and sold on Kroshopkin.com - my venture to try to start the Amazon of Worker Cooperatives and ethically produced goods!

Design is going to be by my younger (17yo) daughter and I’m posting some things for people to look at below.

Costs will depend on the demand, but it looks something like:

Minimum order is 24
Screen printing will be somewhere between $5 to $10 depending on how many colors and how many shirts
The blank shirts will be between $4.50 and $9 depending on which shirt(s) we use and how many
My daughter is going to get something $5 or less per shirt. What do you think about that?
Kroshopkin.com is going to get 5% - looking at what etsy charges and thinking about that.
Shipping and packaging will be extra and whatever they cost.
So somewhere in the $20 range per shirt.

For the 5%, for this order anyway, I’ll be doing the handling for free - so mailing or whatever everything out. So, Kroshopkin.com may make double digits, but I need to put money in the fund to buy a van, paint Kroshopkin on it and travel the country selling worker cooperative stuff.


At this point, I’m just looking for comments and trying to gauge interest.


The dove & olive branch imagery make it look like some kind of Christian thing. I vote nay on that.

What about bumper stickers with the URL?

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I was thinking about buttons because we could just make buttons. As far as bumper stickers go, I just started searching for sourcing that. I’m really only interested in some kind of employee owned or at least artisan manufacturing. For the shirts I looked at several options and the lame worker cooperative world was pretty bad about getting back to me.

If you have any ideas for the design, I’ll submit in design requests. Gotta find something at least 24 people want if this is going to fly.

I probably wouldn’t go for anything too American themed because lolUSA but I understand I may be in the minority here.

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Yeah, maybe leaving the stars off.

Red, white and blue are on the Aussie Flag! French flag too!

I should ask her to do an Anarchy version. This is from my normie daughter (politically anyway), not the socialist/communist/anarchist revolutionary and I didn’t make any suggestions other than show her the site.

Yeah being also on the Australian and French flags is not really winning me over.

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If there’s a chance you might buy a $20 T-Shirt and have me send it to you, but are waiting for a design you like, lemme know. If we don’t have demand for something like the 24, gonna have to change plans. We can definitely go through a bunch of designs. There’s no hurry.

I’d consider buying a microbet avatar t-shirt but kroshopkin may need to reach out Warner Brothers for the Superman license

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A guillotine one would probably be popular!


Sounds like kind of maybe a good idea?

Who would wear a guillotine shirt for real?

I like the siashopkin one I did for you bettter


I’d like to pre-order some shats

I’ll buy 5… 100$ commitment, and gift 4 of them to my fellow forum members

That is very generous of you amigo.

I’m in for one, especially if it’s American apparel as that’s my standard t shirt.

Yeah American apparel seems the way to go. We really shouldn’t sweatshop these.

I’m rich, beotch lol jk thx, bro

i stand by it

so if you can arrive at 19 more

if @jalfrezi @Rexx @smrk4 and @beetlejuice want a shirt… those are my 4 besties, and they can specify the size they want directly to you in PM however this works

I need double XL. I’m swole up

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Any thought of including .com in the logo so that people who see it might venture to go directly?

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