TopShot and other NFTs Part II: Electric Boondoggle

TopShot Primer

Real TopShot Primer

Unstuck Group

TopShot Discord

Useful Wesbites / Tools

  1. - Marketplace browsing, pack drop notifications, and more. (Monthly fee)
  2. NBAnana - Graphs of listings on the page of each moment, and ‘best deals’.
  3. - View price trends and volume for all moments.
  4. - View total portfolio value and current holdings of anyone on TopShot.
  5. - Marketplace status

Known Marketplace bot list

In for my 401k supplement

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Updated pack drop schedule:

First one tomorrow 9 am PST.

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Market is live again


9 am pst also known as lets shit on yuv’s head

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well this disappointing delay def sucked the air out of the marketplace hype

Taaake me out to the Blockchain
Faaa-king out all the crowd
Buy me some holo’s with Dapper cash
I don’t think MP ever comes back

So it’s root, root, root for those Paaack Drops
if they don’t come it’s a shaaame,
‘cause it’s One, Two, Three bots beating you
on the ooold Blooockchaaain!


Just going to wait for packs, like Kawhi under 120 & Murray under 60 are decent $5-8 flips normally, Jokic kinda low, Booker kinda low, GA dunk was under 170, AD common was ~170 but nothing super exciting.



Most of those getting new moments tomorrow. Safest to wait and see what happens.

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Yeah, I guess Embiid isn’t? because he’s hodling strong at mid 140 while the others are drooping a bit.

Jesus, Steph and Draymond both out? What a bloodbath

Oubre too

It’s Nico’s team now

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Randle is just beasting, 18 and 10 in first half (yes Pistons but I’m a Knicks fan, I am excite for the first time in ~8 years)

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Slow af night. Delay+taking down the site equals suck fest.

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Im starting to think you’re in this for the quick flip and not a genuine collector like the rest of us


I have to have close to the most moments of anyone here. Maybe I’m in it for both ;).

Wait a minute…

I dont write for Kotaku


Tried to buy that Miles Bridges one-handed while eating potato chips. Lost to Wichita. Do not recommend

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