Log of Key Moderator Actions

I’m going to post some moderator actions that rise above confirming other people’s flags to unilaterally removing posts for reasons other than spam or to banning users for any period of time.

I issued a warning to @Rivaldo for this post and hid it:

He’ll be getting a temp ban if he calls for violence again.

And in reply to that, @NotBruceZ earned himself a 48 hour break for this one for advocating violence, which I also hid.

Good call not asking this time.

This reads like how a protest would work, btw.

How does one doxx a public figure who has a publicly published schedule?

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By publishing personal details such as home address/phone number family members, etc. That would be my guess, and that would definitely not be ok.

Would you consider “making sure that people who are unhappy with him can find his schedule” or “outing his favorite restaurants” to be part of the etc.?

This is about the umpire who has threatened to shoot all us with his AR-15?

I mean, what he said was abominable, but he’s a private citizen, not an elected or appointed official or a media personality or a celebrity. I really don’t think “baseball umpire” qualifies as somebody in the public eye. So yeah, I’d have a problem posting his favorite restaurants, his schedule, etc.

I’d like to take this moment to apologise to the furum for hiding the “human scum itt” post as it seems me hiding it was jumping the gun, being to harsh.

And to apologise to @otatop personally and @CanadaMatt3004 too. Sorry guys.

I also feel like stepping down as a Mod after this event occurd as It seems I have upset the forum posters who I admire and feel bad because of it.

I’ll not be on as much from now.

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Pretty sure his schedule is made public in advance of games for anyone who cares to look. This isn’t doxxing by any reasonable sense of the word. The guy is known to the public and posted on an account known to be his. There’s nothing wrong with trying to get him fired, heckling his MAGA2020 ass at games, or loudly protesting his presence anytime he ventures into the public. Just like any random who gets caught in public doing racist shit, he should be ostracized.

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imo there’s obviously no reason to step down as a Mod. No Mod is ever going to get every decision correct - especially when the rules for what is and is not acceptable posting aren’t entirely clear.

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I’m sorry to have singled you out like that, it was just a good example of what I thought was silly rule enforcement. I’ll be very sad to not see the tweets you post if you’re not around, so please rethink your decision.

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That 48 hour temp for NBZ for that post is absolutely ridiculous.

I’m just checking in real quick during lunch and not caught up on whatever the heck is going on today, but Smacc you are a huge asset to the forum and please don’t leave us over this, even if you do decide to step down as mod.

Don’t have time to read the other drama threads right now, but would really like to see people start trying to deescalate all this stuff. Just stop posting about it all for a couple days maybe?


Yeah I had just woke up brother and wasn’t feeling great, I did feel bad for hiding That post and the drama that it seemed to cause.

I’m OK with being around and appreciate the response :+1:


FWIW, I didn’t think it was a big deal. You’re doin fine man, don’t take off.


I thought this post was satire but I guess it was not? The post you hid was ambiguous and the issue was resolved almost immediately. A simple misunderstanding and nothing to apologize for or feel bad about imo.


Yes, obviously.

Yes, and if he posted here I would have permabanned him for that. It doesn’t mean that it’s good for us to advocate for violence against him, or that we should allow that.

That’s fine, it doesn’t mean we should be encouraging people to go find his schedule or distribute it, nor does it mean we should be trying to get people riled up to go hurt him, nor should we be encouraging people to out his favorite hangouts while he’s on the road so that someone could go do something violent.

I have no problem with trying to get him fired, heckling him at games, loudly protesting his presence any time/place, ostracizing him, etc. I’d support all of that.

Thanks for this.

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Thanks for the reply, jman.

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I was the one who flagged the post (only a few seconds after it popped up) because although I thought it was ironic I also thought it was not great to have a three word ambiguous post like that just sitting around. I debated just counter replying, but it occurred to to me that flagging is in fact the inbuilt way to meta-comment and moderate without being a distraction to the thread, and this way someone more experienced with the rules could make a consistent judgement.

I don’t have a problem with @CanadaMatt3004 or anything else of his posting and he also said he didn’t have a problem with the action, so I don’t think there’s any actual drama here. Keep modding man.

Finally, I definitely support enabling people to be ironic or sarcastic in threads because I mean, it’s hilarious and makes the forum better, I just thought that this particular example was too possible to misread. Hiding it is a quick fix, or just asking for it to be edited to make the satirical reference a little more obvious is also ok.


I’d like to apologize for my post and any time/energy expenditure /stress it may have played a role in causing. Getting enraged by the insanity of our time and then advocating for that exact type of insanity as a response is suspect.

I value this community and cherish all you charming rascals.

Happy bday, forum, and have a great weekend!