Great American hegemony - our definitions count, yours don't, wherever you are.

I agree with you.

Her request doesn’t seem totally unreasonable if there really have been intruders and burglaries recently. It’s also good to show concern for the common environment there wrt keeping out food delivery smells in the same way you wouldn’t walk there with a ghetto blaster at full volume. It’s called being a good neighbour.


Nothing in her message makes me think there have been burglaries or intruders “recently”.

I don’t get your fixation on bad smelling food. Nothing I order would be stinking up the lift. And as others say, whether I’m getting the lift or the driver is, it’s no difference.

Regarding reasonableness.

I actually think that buildings should be able to agree common rules, so if that’s what the formal rules are, then I will have to consider abiding by them. However, some old white lady can’t just make up rules because she feels like it and enforce them on everybody, that’s just bullshit.

Fair, though you missed the point about stairs.

I was probably projecting some problems I’ve had in the past with horrible smelling corridors that made me want to wretch each morning after pretty much everyone on my floor seemed to be having food deliveries most nights and were too lazy to go to the front door.

The bike part is absolutely ridiculous. I assume it’s because the people most likely to have bikes are likely to be less wealthy and less white, so they want to harass those people into leaving?

That’s an interesting choice of words imo.

Why don’t the Rugby’s just invent an outdoor dumbwaiter so they can hoist the delivery food up outside the building, thus nobody’s sensitive nostrils will be offended by their odorous food? Of course, they’ll have to be sure to place it in an area where it does not pass by any windows, as that would also create odor problems.

Why? That’s what we called them here.

Now you’re just being silly. If everyone’s getting food delivered because of lockdown it’s reasonable and considerate to collect the food from the external front door and walk up a fight of stairs ffs.

Maybe the context is different there, but if a white person in America said that, it would be dripping with racism.

Well, someone definitely is.

Yeah well I’m not American as you know, so that should give you a hint what to do with your accusations of racism.

FYI ghetto blasters was the term used by the black community for them.


Oh there are no racists in the UK? News to me! I’m deeply sorry to have incorrectly assumed there are racists in the UK, or that “ghetto blaster” might be perceived by some to be racist. Enjoy your post-racial utopia.

FYI there are terms the black community uses that white people should not use.

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FYI there are terms the black community uses that white people should not use.
Amazing isn’t it that two countries can use the same language differently? Or maybe you wouldn’t know.

I’m certainly not about to adopt your vernacular to stop your ever-so-sensitive fee fees from being hurt.

lol, you have two options when someone tells you a term you use is racist, don’t take the bad one


He has the option , as you also do, of understanding that the meanings of phrases vary from country to country. If he chooses not to exercise that option, his reaction is his problem.

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I mean being lectured by white middle class kids not even old enough to remember the 80s on how I shouldn’t use an 80s term for an item that black guys and white guys I worked with in a warehouse used stinks of white middle class liberal guilt.


For many many many other countries there are very different signals of racism or not. For me it is very surprising and silly the stuff that “ghetto blaster” or “baby daddy” or a doll with a black face should be racist.

Wow, trotting out accusations of white guilt, that’s an interesting strategy.

So is your standard anything that “wasn’t racist” in the 80s is not racist to use now?

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My standard, which I will now practice, is to talk about these things with people who have some idea about different cultures, and not people like you.

If you never talked to me again, my forum experience would be much more enjoyable. I’d say the entire forum would be better off if you just STFU overall, but I assume a few people enjoy the copy and paste BBC updates… so you at least provide a little value with those.


I’m not alone here in wishing you’d carried out one of your numerous self-indulgent and hysterical “threats” to fuck off months ago when you didn’t get your own way over another poster’s behaviour.

How are the entertaining youtube selling videos going? Not so well I guess.

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Tough shit.

Lol is this your attempt to hurt my feelings? I’m locked down cause of a pandemic. I had to give that post a heart for being comically pathetic.

You’re a prick, you’ve consistently been a prick to a few of us, and you should fuck right off.

Sorry for the derail @Rugby.

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As an additional data point: The term ghetto blaster was also commonly used in Germany when I grew up. Nobody thought anything of it at the time.