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This is a new thread to discuss moderation policy or specific moderation actions because the old one is nearing 10,000 posts. If you are requesting a specific act of moderation you can @ any or all of the moderators. This is just a place to talk about it.

A thread about drinking in moderation, eating in moderation, and most importantly, posting on forums nonstop all weekend




I’m so glad my post was the last one in the other thread. Perfect!

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Threads blowing up at 10k is an urban legend.

Please keep this thread on the topic of moderation. Off topic posts will be moved to other threads. Thanks

You’re welcome!

The Mods rock!

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How do I moderate my drug use?

Put your drugs on Slow Mode. Maximum one drug every 15 minutes.





lots of badass rebels in here, it appears

What wonderous finds one make with obscure search terms.

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@econophile I know people who are my friends report posts but I honestly don’t give a shit and would prefer Jman and Clovis and Jmakin not be silenced.

Posts that attack or insult another poster (including but not limited to name calling) will result in a one-day silencing. This policy applies to all posts and all threads.

Please direct any questions or discussion of this policy to the About Moderation thread


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