What are you listening to

A place to post your favourite tunes/beats and rhymes.

Whether it’s Classical or rap or both… Let’s hear it :shushing_face:

Woops made same thread because my eyes didn’t see this one when I quickly looked.

Another music act I didn’t care for as a whole, but one of the songs I thought was good by them.

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This song really opened my eyes when I was younger to just how beautiful punk music can be.

Its an excruciating, painful song that just begs to be wailed in Dexter’s voice.

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Damn it’s been almost 20 years since The Offspring were good. They went off a cliff after Americana was released.

Were the Offspring ever good? IIRC they were like a punk-lite band for people like me who hate punk music. I did buy one of their albums back in the 90s.

Spelling in the title is going to drive me bananas.

I’m currently sitting in a high school waiting for a performance of Mary Poppins to start. I’m listening to music from the Rock City Church that apparently uses this high school on Sundays.

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No clue how you can hate punk music when it did a better job at transmitting leftie messages than leftie groups on the ground.

They became slowly worse after Smash but were still great throughout the 90s. Once punk and grunge started dying, they tried to transition to a more conventional rock band but it didn’t seem right.

I like the message, but the music sucks. Plus I kinda like the faux-punk bands that punk fans all hate, like Green Day or The Offspring.

Green Day wasn’t really faux punk. They’re pop punk and before they blew up and “sold out” (a dumb term imo) they were hanging with squatters and other street level punks. I’m not even sure those guys were middle class.

The first two videos posted play but the next two dont it just says video unavailable.

Same thing happened to me before but now this one worked…

Drummer was either Tre Cool or Al Sobrante. I think they had another one at some point, and Aaron Cometbus (who was probably one of the best punk writers of the 90s) who I think filled in for a tour or something. But most likely Tre Cool. I’m not sure breaking car is punk rock other than being a random event lol.

I went to a party at one of the Offsping guys’ houses back in the mid-90s. Green Day played a couple parties at a coop I lived at before they were at all famous, but I never saw them.

Probably 924 Gilman. I saw some punk shows there when I was a kid and not too long ago I went there to a punk show with my kids.

I think the Green Day guys grew up middle class+ (they are from an East Bay suburb), but that certainly doesn’t mean they didn’t hang out with kids on the streets of Berkeley. A lot of those kids came from the middle class+ suburbs.

Well, yeah, a lot of punk rock came from suburbia. I hung out with lower class and street kids. Punk rock is sort of like having a huge family where none of that stuff mattered.

Ignition and Smash were both really good albums by the Offspring.

I saw them live in 97 or 98 or so when they were big. Good show but the thing I remember most about it was when the opening act was playing I was in the mosh pit and a kid asked me to boost him up to crowd surf. So the kid is crowd surfing for 30 seconds or so then gets dropped… right on his head. I somehow make my way through the crowd to help the kid up but he is out cold on the ground. Nobody seems to notice this except for me and some other guy and now we were basically just trying to make sure the kid doesn’t get trampled. So once the band finishes their song we were able to signal for help and paramedics came, took the kid away on a stretcher and the show continued.

I saw the Offspring on the Ixnay tour in '98 I think. They were amazing in a small venue, maybe 500 people. That album sucks, but I think they knew it as they played a lot off Smash.

I’ve been listening to David Berman’s (formerly Silver Jews) new band Purple Mountains.

Been playing Metallica’s Unforgiven trilogy.