EDM and/or electronic music

New, and very exciting!

Unstuck Playlists YouTube channel.

I’ve been thinking for a while we need an EDM/electronic music thread. I like the variety of the What are you listening to thread, but I’ve been digging the EDM recently.

Hopefully other peeps are with me on this, like maybe @MysteryConman, @goofyballer, @StimAbuser? Others?

One thing though–I’m not an expert, so I don’t know the names for all the genres or what’s considered cool or trashy or whatever. Where I’m at is: if it makes my head bob or butt move, or sounds cool, or preferably all of the above, I’m liking it. So hopefully we can keep the thread a judgement-free (mostly) zone (lol)?

So recently the nuclear bomb in terms of getting me bopping around like an idiot is drum and bass. Something about the dnb beat is just so propulsive. Boom—chick, boom-chick, Boom—chick, boom-chick. I don’t know how to write it but you know what I’m talking about hopefully!

I’m down with what I think of as old-school “jungly” dnb, to more modern melodic/progressive/liquid style dnb like this stuff [ this vid, dubbed “three dudes on a roof” was my entry to this style ]:

Also like grooving into some deep house type stuff (just heard this for the first time tonight):

Since COVID I’ve liked to throw on festival or boiler room type sets on YouTube just to see all the people and dig the music.

Or techno of various sorts:

Went through a dubstep phase a while back, but don’t know what’s doing in that sphere these days. Maybe goofyballer?

Also can get get into more mass-appeal type stuff like deadmau5, Major Lazer, Chemical Brothers, etc. All kinds of things.

So, anyone else feel this? Let’s get some of your favorites and new discoveries.


I’m a lame old so I just listen to A&B Group Therapy pretty much every week.


I haven’t heard this one, but thanks for mentioning it. I can def get into this when I’m in a certain mode.

You’re out, sorry!

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I am referring to the weekly podcast/radio show btw. I think they also have an album by the same name which is decent. The most recent episode is here:

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Seriously, though, what’s the EDM starter kit?

Tomorrowland radio is basically what I grind poker to.

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Imma drop some random historical documents ITT.

This is arguably the very first acid house track, recorded 4 years before the genre even existed, on a different continent, and in a completely different culture. But using the same Roland equipment that would later come to define decades of electronic music (and hip hop).


Ah, got it! I saw that too when I hit the google. I’ll def check out asap.

Honestly, I don’t know! I’m not any kind of expert or historian about this stuff, that’s for sure. Which is partly why I decided to start this thread.

(And I will admit, drugs of various sorts, legal and otherwise, can enhance the music. For me at least. But I can say that about a lot of other kinds of music too.)

Find a genre you like. What used to be a great streaming edm site and is now just ok is di.fm. Go there and flip through the genres to see what you enjoy. Then google up the top artists in that genre and listen to them.

There are literally thousands of artists and millions of songs and EDM is far from a monolithic genre so that would be my best suggestion.

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The Art of Noise pioneered sampling, particularly with the Fairlight. This track made it all the way to #8 on the UK singles chart in 1984.

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Yeah, I haven’t listened to their live streams but they have a bunch of festival mix vids that I have enjoyed. Good to know that they have a stream.

Yeah, this is rad. (Never heard it before tonight, of course.)

I did recently find myself reading the wiki pages for the Roland 303, 808, and 909. Ended up there after watching a couple of this guy’s vids and wondering, “what exactly is it that makes it ‘acid’ anyway”?


Not sure if you’d be into this since you mentioned drum and bass, but I like electronic stuff like this with lyrics. If anybody knows anything similar to these, I would appreciate them sharing them here also.


My two boys :play_or_pause_button: tonight on twitch. Dark techno and other good shit. One on now plays poker both super progressive and play to pretty big crowds.


You can pretty much disregard the term edm if you’re starting with fresh ears since it’s really a catch all term way overused these days.

It’s pretty apt for threads like this but really not much else.

What kind of non dance music do you like?

Also read this anyways.

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EDM has important roots in disco. Two recently retired French dudes in space helmets had a lot of respect for this pioneer.


Now this one I know!

I have been getting increasingly fascinated by the creation of this kind of music. Especially in the time period of this track, what the artists did with the extremely primitive tools they had is mind blowing.