Walrus Grab Bag 5 Reveal

I had a shit start and came back to tie for third last time.

So let 'er rip!


I think I have a shot here, but sounds like everyone else does too, gl.


In 10th place with 1 point

Senser - Age of Panic

This is a good read on what I was looking for, and I enjoyed it. It immediately made me think of the early 90’s, which is pretty cool (and is when the track was released). I just didn’t like the chorus so much, even though it’s very typical of the time, and it didn’t give me as much of a reason to come back to it as the songs above it.


In 9th place with 2 points

Minor Threat - 12XU

This is good. I haven’t heard much Minor Threat, but I can so clearly here this sound flowing through numerous genres I am really drawn to. There just isn’t enough here in such a competitive category for me to elevate it above other songs.


Wow. I received at least 2 more points than I expected for this category!


Oooh, glad I didn’t think of Minor Threat because that might have been my submission!


In 8th place with 3 points

Idlewild - Self Healer

Rounding out the nodium, we have another song that I like the sound of, but just doesn’t do enough to elevate it to higher places. I think this is just more easily forgotten to me than the higher places.

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Ditto. I avoided nodium!


And I avoid the nodium!

Owe me a Coke crash!


Got a little freaked out when I listened to this song bc it starts out “my name is Crash”


Out of the nodium party!


In 7th place with 4 points

White Zombie - Thunder Kiss ’65

It’s White Zombie doing what White Zombie does. It has bangin crunchy guitar, the vocals sound like the singer has forgot the words but is trying to convince everyone he hasn’t, and it’s catchy and easily repeatable. I like it and it’s a great submission, it just doesn’t stand out enough in this category to get higher.


Eh, that’s about the best I could have hoped for.


We still scratch the worst couple of scores, right? RIGHT???


I wasn’t invited.


I believe that rule is in effect for all those who have not won the last two Grab Bags in a row. It was in the fine print somewhere…

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In 6th place with 5 points

Scarlxrd - STFU


In 5th Place with 6 points

Scarlxrd - Heart Attack

Oof. I think these are the two songs where I have the most conflict about where to place them.

I had never heard of Scarlxrd until this category. As it happens, there were two different tracks submitted by this artist, and I will certainly be checking out everything they have on Spotify. This stuff hits really hard. It’s squarely in my wheelhouse, but I think I am going to be judicious in when I listen to it.

I don’t have a great explanation for why these both didn’t end up on the podium, other than I had to find some way to separate entries, and me feeling like I will be more discerning with when I listen to these tracks in future was enough reason to nudge it down slightly.

I was holding onto this to submit to cassette at some point but the trap elements make me think of Spark Master Tape which I discovered recently, though Scarlxrd has a more brutal edge on it. Anyway, if you aren’t familiar with SMT check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSkCxY09JlE

As to why I put Heart Attack above STFU, it’s simply that I don’t like the chorus in STFU as much as the rest of the song so I split them apart that way.




Lower ranked one is mine.

I guess I can’t complain about 6th.


In 4th Place with 7 points

Anthrax - Got the Time

I am not at all familiar with Anthrax. I mean of course I have heard of them, but I couldn’t tell you the name of a single song of theirs. Thank-you for changing that. This is fun, catchy, and I love the bass runs toward the end. As with Minor Threat, I can see how much influence they had on a lot of more modern stuff I listen to just from this one song. Really awesome submission. Another song brought to me that is going to make me go through an artists catalogue to see what else I am missing.