Unstuck Summer Weight Loss Challenge (Potatoes Not Included)

Let’s do the potatoes together! It’ll be fun and it’s an easy way to slim down. It’s honestly an astoundingly easy diet. Way easier then trying to purple theory the pounds off. Trust me.

I’m intrigued. Go over it again. I happen to have bought potatoes on my last trip to the store. Is rice acceptable as well?

edit and general idea: This is now the Unstuck Summer Weight Loss Challenge Thread.

The basic idea is to post/sign up for an 8 week weight loss/fitness challenge.

COVID has been a big challenge for many of us who have been pursuing (or thinking of pursuing) weight loss and fitness goals in 2020. Many routines and healthy habits have been put off/pushed back during this time, so the goal of this thread is to get people motivated to work toward their health and fitness goals for the next 8 weeks, whatever they may be.

The lead contender, the rabbit if you will, is none other than SeniorKeed, coming off a successful weight loss bet in late 2019 (see SenorKeed's Fall Weight Loss Challenge), where he more or less ate nothing but potatoes for 2 months or so and lost like 30 lbs (13.6 kg), moving to under 175 lbs (79.5 kg). Well, like many of us, Keed has put some of the weight back on during lockdown, what with exposure to non-potato foods and such, and plans to get back into the game.

As the same time Keed was doing the potato famine (“potato plenty”?) diet, I was undertaking a different weight loss/fitness strategy, generally normal/semi-reduced consumption with HIIT fitness training for an hour 4-5 days a week. I was making steady progress but crashed in mid-March when the lockdown took effect.

For the first eight weeks I didn’t have home fitness equipment, ate more or less what I wanted, and went from 288 to 308 lbs as of today. Now, for the last two months I’ve been working out with dumbells for an hour every other day and have gained in strength, even above pre-lockdown levels, but I need something to take off some of the lbs. (My goal is 245lbs by the end of the year, as I’m a fairly large, 6’2" lineman-type in build). Anyway, I obviously need to do more than just lift weights a few times a week, so I’ve agreed to (mostly) join Keed in his potato madness for at least a week, while planning to watch my diet and increase exercise over the summer.

The goal of this thread is to get others involved and have a forum-wide weight loss and fitness challenge. Not for money or love so much as for encouragement.

Basically, post your current state of fitness or weight, your plan, and maybe your goal and post periodic updates on how it’s going. The idea is to encourage commitment and progress and create some solid forum content.

The eight-week challenge will tentatively run from Sunday, July 5 to Sunday August 30. As I note below, “Don’t need to post specific goals, just say that you’re in, post starting weight or something similar (eg, 20 lbs over, or whatever), and your plan (eg, full potato, pure exercise, keto, heavy weights, cal in/out, whatever) and provide periodic updates with progress and how well you’re sticking with the program.”

Best of luck.

OK. Let me get my thoughts together. On this diet you can basically eat whatever you want as long as you pick items from this list:

  1. Potatoes
  2. Water
  3. Coffee
  4. Tea
  5. Carbonated water
  6. Flavored carbonated water
  7. Spices
  8. Mustard (NOT honey mustard)

I did that for two weeks and lost about 2/3 of a pound a day. You’re a bigger guy so you’d probably lose more. If you ate potatoes and rice you’d probably lose weight but I think it would be a lot less. The potatoes are so effective because you only eat when you’re hungry and they’re incredibly filling. It’s way easier to eat 1000 calories of plain rice than 1000 calories of baked or microwaved or boiled potatoes. On days when I just ate potatoes I rarely made it to 1000 calories.

Then after about two weeks I started eating potatoes during the day and then potatoes and either chicken breast or salmon like 4-5 days a week.

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Looking at your post again and contemplating, I really don’t think I could go that close to full potato. Also, I’m basically doing muscle mass exercises and increasing lean mass but likely not losing weight atm. I would be willing to go half potato and do a minor diet competition, but there are reasons (lot of nutritional reading, past success with hard workouts and limited dieting, wanting to still increase muscle) that I think serious potato would be a bad call for me. Again, though, we do some covid weight loss/fitness thread/competition and get various folks involved.

edit: @suzzer99 and others would probably be interested in some kind of 6-8 week challenge or something. (I call out suzzer because I know he’s into fitness and just got some home equipment.)

edit 2: the winner would probably be the person who gets covid (so may need to disqualify any positive cases).

edit3: I’m thinking like $10 per participant and $100 to winner, as I would not likely be competitive. :)

If you are not willing to embrace the potato diet you certainly will not be competitive with someone is is potato dieting.

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Finally got on the scale and was 308. I don’t think I could do full potato but I need to start doing more than just lifting 3.5 times a week.

Give it a shot for a week, there’s no way you’ll lose much muscle mass, especially if you eat a chicken breast or some hard boiled eggs with dinner. That’d be like fifty or sixty grams of protein, on the low side but not too bad.

I’ll do a week of potato (with some misc protein) if you make a thread for it and maybe a few posts in higher trafficked threads (at least LC and Trump).



Potato diet? thefuckisthisshit.jpg

Maintaining a calorie deficit while eating normal foods is not that hard and can be sustained for long periods of time. Consuming 80% of your calories in potato form sounds like some crazy person shit but you do you man.



I’m more or less fine with using this thread, but I think it would be a decent idea to do it as a group challenge and many posters will likely not be aware this thread, much less if it transitioned to a group weight loss/fitness challenge.

That’s a good idea, let me know when you want to start. I’m good with starting tomorrow.

I’m fine with tomorrow, but if it’s a group challenge may want to have like 3 days for signups.

Then again, a “bet” is probably the wrong approach, especially for logistics/confirmation. But it’d be good to have a thread for people to get motivated and to share and compare progress.

Speaking of which, I need to quit posting and go do my walk.

oohhh you gonna get potato’d.

I won’t do it because every weight challenge I’ve ever done I somehow gain weight. But I’ll be cheering you guys on.

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Just got back from my walk. Went well, but i was attacked/seduced by a carne asada burrito near the Mexican place.

edit: (didn’t mean that as a direct reply)

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I’m exactly the same weight as when I started lockdown.
Replaced weights with body weight stuff and added some HIT.
Veggie 5 days a week
Easier than starvation spud yoyo dieting.

Get exercising.

Can’t believe Keeed’s starting a potato diet cult.
I’m registering the domain name.