Unstuck poker online home games - Details in 1st post

This OP is now a wiki. Feel free to edit it as needed.

We are currently using PokerStars Home Games for playing. These are play money games (unless we arrange our own prize pools off site) and are not accessible through the regular pokerstars .com client. Access details seem to vary by country, but should be available to all after jumping through a hoop or two.


  • Download the client from PokerStars .net
  • Install and create a new account
  • See additional details below for joining the Unstuck private games


  • Same as USA#1


  • Download the client from PokerStars .uk
  • Install and create new account (if you don’t already have one for there)
  • See additional details below for joining the Unstuck private games


  • Waiting for a Euro to figure it out and let us know.

Australia, Mexico, Uruguay, and where ever else we have users

  • ???

How to join the Unstuck private games

  • Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab
  • Click the ‘Join a Poker Club’ button
  • Enter Club ID number: 3279423
  • Enter Invitation Code: tree fiddy

Currently the club manager is me and I have to manually approve each request.

While these are play money games, the play money available is limited. You can request 15,000 chips every 4 hours. Min. buy in for most ring games and tourneys is 20,000 chips. So you can start hoarding them like toilet paper now in anticipation of future games. You can also buy them for real money if you want, but lol at that.


For some reason it assigned me a user name

It does, but you can change it. Or register a new one. I forget exactly how I got mine.

ok, hold on I’ll sit out and try to change it.

Chuckles is very aggro!

I’m donking off satoshis left and right


I’m crazy yo

AA v 88 is hard HU especially in a penny game

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pokerstars does free money home games, they have mix as well, you can do it from the US just fwiw

I tried earlier and it said not allowed.

hmm. i haven’t tried it but i know the US poker media just did an 8-game tournament, i know they have a league.

I need practice before this incoming poker boom.

My satoshis are available and not very difficult to get.

hmm wtf

I can’t tonight. Maybe soon.

This is the world’s tightest nano-stakes game ever.


I feel like its hard to figure out who the action is on

yeah took me a little bit to figure out

It’s not great software. I’m hoping Watevs can discover some PS magic that lets US players in for private games.

Yeah, its been almost a decade since I played online with decent software. Americas card room or whatever it was called sucked.

I feel like I’m playing poker on a 386 PC.