This thread is about sex

I dunno I take all the precautions you’re supposed to take and the epochs of my life are marked by struggles with various STDs.


I play poker w an eye dr that calls me in antibiotics every time I come back from Vegas.

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I never wrap it and dated and ex-porn star for 3 years and got nothing. I did get some chlamydia from a girl in Vietnam (no not during the war).

I did do some research when we started dating. Other than aids and pregnancy it doesn’t seem like condoms do a ton to help.

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This is one of the more insane things I’ve read on this forum. I would sooner lick a dozen Floridian doorknobs than have sex with a random girl at a bar unprotected.


You could still catch just about anything except AIDS. And the odds of AIDS from vaginal sex are miniscule. Your risk is reduced, but it’s never zero. And in return you get that sweet feeling of your wee wee being choked in saran wrap and the fun when it rolls up on your pubic hairs (unless you wax or trim super short or something).

Growing up in the age of jungle bushes plus AIDS scare was super awesome. But even then, most girls would let you lose the condom the 3rd time. That seemed to be industry standard. Can’t catch AIDS if it’s the 3rd time or later.

Anyway I might still wrap if if the girl is skanky enough. But another benefit of being 51 is this stuff matters less and less the older you get. Pretty much every woman you’re going to be with has also been exposed to a ton of stuff. The bugs have all fought it out to a stalemate by that point.

I’m sure I’ve been exposed to the herp as I’m sure my ex has to have it running latent or something. But maybe being born a ginger with cold sores means I already have some resistance. But who the hell knows. It’s like covid. So many variables.

There’s like 40 strains of herpes. Some are more common in the mouth, some in the groin. But they can all do either. Just because you’ve had one doesn’t mean you can’t catch the others. Condoms help but in no way completely prevent transfer. The more I researched the more I was just like fuck it, how much sex life do I have left anyway?


You sound ready to retire to The Villages.


The world is my Villages.


There might be more misinformation, word for word, in this post than any in UP history. Yikes!


Suzzer’s Bareback Adventures would be a mighty fine book.

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Using protection like condoms and dental dams when you have sex helps to lower your risk of getting an STD.

Herpes can live on areas of your body that aren’t protected by condoms (like the scrotum, butt cheeks, upper thighs, and labia), so condoms won’t always protect you from herpes.

Lol dental dams.

Of the more than 100 known herpesviruses, 8 routinely infect only humans: herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2, varicella-zoster virus, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, human herpesvirus 6 (variants A and B), human herpesvirus 7, and Kaposi’s sarcoma virus or human herpesvirus 8. A simian virus, called B virus, occasionally infects humans.

Genital herpes is most frequently caused by herpes simplex virus 2 but an ever increasing number of cases are attributed to herpes simplex virus 1.

Anyway what the fuck was I gonna do - use a condom for 3 years? Ugh, fuck that. Condoms suck. I’d rather just get herpes if I have to. And maybe I did, but I never got an outbreak.

Risking spreading that most terrible of diseases- more people!

(Ironic coming from a father of 5). My two oldest brothers catted around pretty good in the 70s and 80s and I am continually surprised to not get an Ancestry match to an unknown niece or nephew. Yet.

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Yeah the pregnancy thing is a real concern. Luckily it usually takes me about a few months to get to where I feel comfortable enough to come inside a girl. So I guess that saves me. It’s weird. It’s like a breakthrough when it happens.

Although there was one girl I came twice inside, first time(w), condom both times. Which is like a miracle on top of a miracle. Then she dumped me before we could do it again because I took her to a speakeasy that she called a crackhouse. It was not a crackhouse she was just racist. But also I am an idiot. Last I heard she was deep into some MLM phone cards or something, which made me feel better. True story.

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I’m sure your partners would feel great if they knew how much you cared about their health. It’s pretty easy as a guy to say fuck it yolo given her risk for nearly every STI is way higher than yours.

Also Jesus Christ , it’s 2020. Are we really confusing HIV and AIDS still?

Are we really being pedantic about HIV vs. AIDS? Sorry I meant HIV.

If the girl wants me to wear one of course I’ll do it. I’ve never once even tried to twist an arm on that.

I shouldn’t have said never worn one. I meant never insisted on one if the girl was ok w/o one.

Absent a relationship, I get laid less than once a year on average anyway. So that keeps my risk level down.

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Here at Unstuck you won’t find any anti-maskers. Well, at least not anti those masks.

I know it seems pedantic but correct information around sexual health is critical.

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Wat. They reduce the risk of things like chlamydia and gonorrhoea transmission to near-zero. They cut risk of herpes transmission by like half as well - although they help with male to female transmission more than with female to male.

Also there are only two types of herpes because when speaking of the STD that means herpes simplex, the rest are technically herpes viruses but they don’t cause the STD.

The transmission risk between partners is surprisingly low, about 10% over the course of a year taking no precautions, but more like 5% if you’re a male with HSV1 exposure, as you are. All herpes transmission stats should really be cited as male to female vs female to male, as it differs quite a bit.



I’m gonna go ahead and assume his partners are consenting adults. So what exactly is the problem? I’ve used condoms during that rare random hookup, but never with a girl I was in a relationship with.

Ok I never researched gonorrhea or chlamydia. I only worried about the stuff a shot wouldn’t clear up. Although it did take a few rounds of shots to clear up the chlamydia.