Things to do while on lockdown for coronavirus

Time to start brain-storming and see if there are any leisure items I should buy to pass the time while I can still go out. Things I might do.

-study poker (the work never ends)
-set up an online poker account
-write that poker erotica novel I’ve always thought about
-play more video games (I’ve been getting all the free games I can on places like Epic)
-explore Netflix (but might be hard with a shared account)
-more and better Walrus
-start a podcast


Cooking. New techniques, ingredients, cultures. Batch and freeze for consumption later.

Take pasta for example, you can make gnocchi/gnudi with no tools other than a mixing bowl and a fork. Orecchiette requires no tools at all.

Invest in a stand mixer and hoo boy you’re off and running. KitchenAid has a pasta roller attachment for their stand mixer. Or roll it out with a pin (look up Evan Funke)

Bread making
Braising/slow cooking
Make your own condiments like mustard, mayo, ketchup, bbq sauce

Or just fuck it - get ripped and watch cam girls.


Reading in a comfortable chair besides an open window with sunshine pouring in is a really good time


I live in WA, where playing online poker is a felony. I asked about subscribing to a VPN service that allows you to choose the location in the Poker Hands thread, but it got buried. Could I set up a P.O. Box in LV and play through the VPN without getting busted?

Edit: Looks like I’d need to use a VPN service that has a kill switch and provides a dedicated IP address. Prosecution for playing is unlikely, so I need a VPN to fool the poker site more than anything else. I’m still not sure how I’d get money on/off the site either…Neteller maybe? I don’t know enough about these things to be sure, but it seems like I could get money on and off of the site using Neteller, but I’m not sure I’d be able to get the funds from there into my pocket.

I will start using my admin powers like a drunken Mat in order to stir up some riveting forum drama


We could find a person in turmoil and train wreck them.

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Let’s fight about the rules.


Lucky b*******ds think of the working…

Home games Ofcourse… Someone needs to get paid out of this.

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You need to make a poll before I agree to this

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I’m going to teach the little truants to play nlhe. I’ve already started a bit. They got the basics and the concepts faster than I anticipated. They will be better than me shortly.




Sports bet… oh wait…

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I’m staying with my parents. My mom’s cousin gave them some (legally) home grown weed several months ago but they don’t like smoking. She wants to make brownies tomorrow. None of us have made or taken edibles before (well they probably did in the 60s) so it should be… interesting.

Long term quarantine plans:

  1. Read. I spend way too much time reading on here, but at least I get a ton of value from it. I have some books that have been waiting to be read for a while.
  2. Puzzles. See the thread I started a couple weeks back about puzzling.
  3. I haven’t watched any tv or Netflix shows in a long time. Have several years worth of stuff I can get caught up on.
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Just got my kid an electric guitar and amp, so they’ll be learning to play it over the next month (their school is closed until 4/16).


Hmm odds that a concert I am going to tomorrow gets canceled? 650 capacity. Nothing yet.

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  • Exercise at home. Squats, crunches, plank in all variations + yoga. All that has variations from super easy to so advanced that even Johnny would be challenged.
  • All variants of handy work (crochet and stitch for me) if I have time
  • Think about my carrier, look for jobs and apply more

I played online for a living from WA until very recently, Ignition and ACR and the WA gov don’t care, only Global actually banned WA. Their TOCs say no WA, but I signed up with my real info and played for years without issue. Don’t use a VPN, that is much more likely to cause you problems. You need to use bitcoin or P2P to move money around.


Darts - thank me later

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Is there any site on which everyone here can play? No matter if only play money. + Which would let organize a private tourney somehow. We could make something like Unstuck poker tourney.