The TSLA Market / Economy

Fuck Robinhood, now let’s resume.




@anon24898493 if you go to AOC’s twitch page Twitch there should be her past broadcasts if you scroll down a tad

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oh wow nice. I think the first ~45 mins are her just trying to figure out how zoom works. She really should have practiced beforehand or had some coaching.


Yeah it was like half an hour lol.

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I like this quote, and it kinda made me think of Phil Hellmuth and the way he looks at poker playing. Like the guy’s made millions of dollars at poker, mostly because it was a niche game for much of his career that everyone was less terrible at than him, but then a bunch of “amateurs” come along and suck out on him at the WSOP and he loses his fucking mind, he’s berating everyone in sight for not playing poker the right way, which is presumably the way he plays it, because you see he is Serious and Good at poker unlike these guys that are playing to gamble, imagine doing that!



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Looks like the WSB guys are set up on other brokers now because GME rocketing.

Have to imagine holding a significant long GME position over the weekend will make for some restless nights

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those guys are just pawns in this gme game now though they probably are the only thing propping up AMC atm

I doubt it. There are a TON of them. Even before this blew up there was 2 million people in the sub. Plus this blew up, like I said before tons of normies who don’t do the stock market were buying GME on twitter,Facebook etc. I had a bunch of my leftist friends buying GME yesterday simply to fuck the hedgefunds.

As we see with individual donors, when you get a LOT of people you can raise a fuckton of money. I’m sure bunch of hedgefunds and sharks are in on the game now but I wouldn’t underestimate the probably tens of thousands of degens who are all in on this.

Thanks for the LMAO research @spidercrab ; I’ve now split my shares between LMFA and LMAOU. A very insignificant amount of money of course.

Can someone explain to me like I’m 5 why Robinhood is losing money with this GME stonking.

I think I saw some explanations above about how long the trades take to clear or something like that, but I need it dumbed down more.

A user enters a trade, they execute the trade. If they give someone margin, and things go south, they make a margin call.

What does GME mooning have to do with any of this? And how do we draw a line from GME mooning to RH losing money and needing to borrow some.

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