The Supreme Court, Part 2: When the president does it that means that it is not illegal

Starting a new thread before SCOTUS burns down the old one.

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Other bummer from today: no retirement announcements from Sotomayor or Kagan (as expected). Of course replacements can get ST6’ed at any time now, but would’ve been better to have a 25 year old fresh law school grad up there than them.

The only upside: Trump is guaranteed to turn on Roberts and it’s going to be maybe the only fun thing about this disaster.


It’s crazy how Dems willingly continue to fight with one hand tied behind her back

The SC just literally gave Biden license to assassinate every one of them. He should take them up on it. At the very least, he should immediately start implementing procedures that extend his term or expand the SC. There are probably dozens of things he can do to make them forever regret this ruling and complete joke of a Supreme Court. If there was ever any doubt before, it’s complete calvinball now

Edit: But of course he won’t


There hasn’t been any doubt since at least Bush v Gore if not earlier.

No he shouldn’t. Acting lawlessly is wrong, even if other people do it.

It’s not lawless for Biden to execute SCOTUS members as an official act of the presidency.


Isnt the idea that its no longer lawless? In fact, its very strictly within the law.

It may be immoral, but that wasnt what was mentioned.


It’s not within the law. You just can’t prosecute him for it. Personally, I’d prefer something more humane, like kidnapping, torture and a forced resignation.

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The Supreme Court said the President can order you killed, as in you personally, and cannot be held criminally liable. Definitely shouldn’t delegitimize it though, bad things could happen if we did.


The dumb outcomes are limitless


One’s thing for sure - I wouldn’t want to be Cornpop right now.

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I understand the balance you attempt to add to the conversation, but wake the fuck up.


Why? He’s immune now for the Ukraine pay to play scheme

It would still be illegal/prosecutable for the people who did the executing. Biden has to do it himself. And, not that anyone should be executed here, but it would certainly be poetic justice if some people were deported.



Yeah but then you just pardon them. Ez game.


But wait. Biden whacks some justices and replaces them with liberals who…

Overturn immunity when someone tries to prosecute Biden for the anssinations and Biden gets convicted.