The NFL Thread 2: 1. T Swift

Anyway, my bad. Just tilted and vented out on here. I am extremely disappointed in the whole process. The reason I was so high on Leftwich is he created a receiving tree and system that is being mimicked by 3 of the 4 semi-finalist in the NFL. It found new ways to defeat the trend of cover 3, soft single high and cover 2 shell in ways that McDaniels hadn’t figured out in in New England just yet. So much so that a future hall of famer trusted him immensely.


So is he staying at TB if Brady is going? Or moving on?

Lol what a fucklechuck

Can that be filtered for just the SB era?

There are still more real jaguars in Jacksonville than black head coaches of the Jaguars, even after two of the cats died recently.

Onca is the second jaguar to die recently at the zoo. Last February, 21-year-old Zenta was killed by Harry in what was described as a “tragic accident.” The incident happened while the big cats were being moved between enclosures.

The zoo now has three jaguars, 17-year-old Zassi, 12-year-old Harry and 5-year-old Babette.


Harry also made the news last year when he took a swipe at a 23-year-old Virginia man who reportedly climbed over a safety barrier and taunted the jaguar. The man, whose name was not released, was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, zoo officials said.

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Can I lay down 4 million on my credit card?

Apparently, according to at least one candidate, Khan is asking interviewees if they would work with Baalke while the embattled general manager is in the room.

“I know I’ve gotten this from one candidate,” Garofolo said. “I know I’ve gotten it. The question about Baalke and his role and all that stuff, that candidate did not answer directly and honestly because Baalke was in the interview room. It’s up to Shad Khan now to either conduct that communication separately or just open up his ears to the rest of the league and the rest of the fanbase and see that there’s uncomfortability there.

I can’t make anything right, but I feel for you, and I love your material.


The Lions always amaze me when I think about it.

Barry Sanders 1989-1998
Matthew Stafford 2009-2020
Calvin Johnson 2007-2015

And in that span of more than 30 years, one playoff win. That’s arguably a top 10 WR of all time, the most talented RB of all time, and probably a top 10 QB in the league at the time he was playing - and the QB and WR were together for seven years!

It’s an insane waste of incredible skill position talent.

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I have a bad feeling that if he doesn’t land a job this cycle, he’s going to end up being one of those guys who gets mentioned every year but doesn’t get a job. They’re pretty likely to suck the next few years, so he won’t be as hot of a name.

What’s left? Saints, Dolphins, Texans?

Even if he gets one of those, decent chance he’s walking into a lousy situation, hung out to dry from the start, lasts 2-3 years and gets fired, then doesn’t get another chance for way too long.

Yet stafford is the man ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Arians has to be close to out the door. Maybe one more year and then Leftwich takes over.

Needle knows way more about football than I do, but I’m bearish on Leftwich - the TB offense ran so little play action the last two years. Brady is great at it! They always ran a good amount in NE to great effect. The success rate for when they ran it in TB was really high! They just ran it so rarely. Maybe Leftwich wanted to, but Arians or Brady didn’t - totally possible. But without that knowledge we have to put most of that failure on the play caller.

I wonder if Leftwich didn’t like play action when he was playing as a QB, I feel like some QBs in the past have said they don’t like turning their back to the defense. Maybe that affects his play calling.

They still had a great offense, obviously, but the lack of play action and absurdly high rush rate on 1st and 10 (though he got better at that in 2021 vs. 2020) held that team back. Leftwich won’t get away with that stuff when he doesn’t have the GOAT at QB.

The Lions thing gets much worse when you consider that the 2014 team had the following players in their prime: Stafford, Calvin, Reggie Bush, Golden Tate, Ndamukong Suh, Darius Slay, Glover Quin, Deandre Levy, Ezekiel Ansah. The best they could do is 11-5, 2nd in the division, and a competitive loss in the wildcard round. People like to use Jim Caldwell’s record as the Lions as an example of black coaches getting screwed in the NFL but I’ll defend that one. 2014 was his first year as HC and as good as it got. After this 11-5 season, they start 2015 off 1-7, where game 8 is a 40 point loss to the chiefs where Stafford ultimately gets benched for Dan Orlovsky. They finish strong at 7-9, then string together two 9-7 seasons. While that may look good from an overall win-loss record, at no point in 2015-2017 did they ever look competitive against good teams. They would struggle to beat bad teams then get crushed by good ones, and end up around .500. In 2017 when they had a shot at the division again, in two critical defensive plays they only had 10 and 9 men on the field. Caldwell was not a good coach despite having an above average w/l record.

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the narrative is so much different right now if tartt catches the ball…

lol Butkus let his grandkids take over his twitter

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Just like if Tyreek times his jump a little better. Mahomes may stumble, but then he comes back as the Grim Reaper when it counts.

Narratives are so dumb.

I know it’s not the main point of this post, but a counterpoint to the whole idea that the Tartt play was the entire ballgame: The Rams got what, two field goals the whole rest of the game after the dropped INT? If he catches that, he’s falling backwards a bit so there’s probably no return, 49ers are still on their side of the field, etc. Very plausible they wind up punting anyway and the Rams just wind up needing (and scoring) a TD.