The NFL Thread 2: 1. T Swift

Man that reads like an awful lot of CYA from the Vikings. Basically they get to claim that Harbaugh didn’t turn them down and the Graham interview was legit, but O’Connell was their number one choice.

Chiefs QBs coach Mike Kafka is now the Giants offensive coordinator

Gotta say that I like where things are going. Nice to see some quality leadership coming together.

I like it. Big changes going on there. He’s going to metamorphosize that team.


I dunno, turning that team around is gonna be quite The Trial for him.

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Nice work Jaguars, could be taking Baalke over Leftwich

Someone make sure Needle is ok.

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Problem is if they hire Leftwich they’d be paying a black coach to lose. Classic football Catch-22.

I’m not.


Seriously considering being done rooting for them. Such a pointless exercise. Absolutely no enjoyment out of them.

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Rather they just hire Dabo. Trevor throw 40 picks. Stadium is empty. They go 0-17 and move to london.

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At least you guys were recently in an AFCCG in a position to win.

You have no idea what true hopelessness is. I’m working on decades of complete futility. Not even a sweat.

Doug Pederson hahahahaha


Same number of playoff games. I guess congrats on the Jags 2 wins in the playoffs? Definitely makes up for Gabbert, Henne, Bortles, Minshew, LolBiggestBustEverTrevor.

Both are awful, beyond awful. What the hell does decades even matter?

Either of those results would be a upgrade over my Dolphins over that time period.

“Decades” matters because that’s how long I’ve been watching the shitshow.

Hot take: This is a good hire and the Jags will make the playoffs in the next 2 years.

After looking at Dolphins, Giants, Browns, only other comparable team to Jags awfulness seemingly is…


Yeah, but for Mr. “What the hell does decades even matter?”, that’s irrelevant.

As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t really watch football that closely until shortly after the Dolphins got crushed in the SB. So I missed out on most of the best years.

When Marino was still in his prime, there was always hope. Those days are long gone.

4 seasons in a decade of -186+ PD is a level of ineptitude I am having a hard time finding.


Eyeballing each franchise, Raiders of the 2000’s, End of Browns to Expansion Browns, 2000-03 Cardinals, 70’s Saints, and early 90’s Bengals are the comparison it seems. Team that surprised me with their consistency was the Vikings. Never a truly awful stretch of not being competitive. Definitely bad years but nothing elongated. 80s were down but nothing that awful.

Wish the Bucs had more time with Brady. A year or 2 and the Jags would overtake them as the worst win% franchise in NFL history.

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