The NFL Thread 2: 1. T Swift

It all seems ugly enough that the most likely scenario is that the NFL settles with everybody for a fuckton of $$ in return for them never talking about it again. Standard.

If there’s a paper trail to those games that the owners paid them to lose, would ticketholders to those games have a right to sue? Would TV networks that paid for rights?
(They wouldn’t want to alienate the NFL, so they won’t do it anyway.) What about the impact on betting?

more like a Hawkeye

The Rooney rule is great for when the white candidate that every team had penciled in as their next head coach went somewhere else and they have to pick from the leftover pool. There are some legit good black coaches and candidates out there, but since so many openings the teams made up their mind before the interviews even start, it leads to a bunch of interviews everyone knows damn well were a sham.

Yeah Rooney rule is officially “better than nothing” and that’s about it, I feel. But on the flip side I don’t know what else you could implement outside of a straight-up quota for minority coaching hires, and that would never fly either.

He could probably buy the Broncos.

Mascot? Name is close enough.


Or how about


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Red captain crunch is obvious mascot

They could do a freeze on hirings and interviews until after the Super Bowl, perhaps even turn it into a coaching combine. All the teams with openings and anyone they wish to interview all head to one location for a few days of interviews, then offers can be made.

There would still be some that already had their minds made up, but it would probably be an improvement and also further expand the NFL’s calendar domination.

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Chefs D-line as a new nickname.

Shouldn’t the League Office have a team of people with a sense of taste to veto this shit?

WFT: The pick is in. We’ve selected Washington Commanders as our new team name.

LO: That’s gonna be a no from us, dawg.

I’m sure they technically do but have the wrong people in place and/or are just rubber stamping terrible ideas. We have Texans and (gasp) Titans which are possibly worse. Anyone with any sense at all makes sure that the Oilers are always an NFL team that retains its classic uniform yet here we are. Letting tasteless billionaires pick this shit vaporizes brand equity. Imagine paying $325 for a Nike Vapor Elite Washington Commanders authentic jersey, or at least try to imagine someone else paying it (you can’t do it). That TikTok lady who came up with Detroit Lines couldn’t have jokingly made something as bad as Commanders.

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I think when the Boston Patriots moved to Foxoborough, the owner wanted to name the team the Bay State Patriots, and the league told him “No, dummy.”

Lol I just noticed the new uniforms are monochrome. Having the pants and jerseys the same color makes them look like pajamas.

full list:

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Oh the tampering…

NFL hiring just like other hiring. Ofc nobody really thinks they’re being racist or biased in any way. Well maybe there are self-aware villains out there, idk but mostly people just want their guy, and don’t believe that’s bad.

They will always be the Commies to me.

Commandos would have been cool. The jokes write themselves.

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The Commas could have started a literacy craze.

I guess that is Oxford’s nickname never mind.

Looks like the NFL has reached a weird place where both white and black candidates are expecting sham interviews. For entirely different reasons, of course.