The NFL Thread 2: 1. T Swift

Other thread is over 10k posts.


That’s a joke to the people of Metro Washington, right?

Like, I was fine with the Cleveland Guardians once I learned a lot of Cleveland was behind the name because of some statues. Local opinion is all they should care about. But everyone agrees this is a stupid name, right?

The fits look pretty good though:

Guy on the right looks like a Steeler.


I love that the marketing team always comes up with some bullshit about the meaning of various design elements.

Somehow actually worse than “Washington Football Team.”

Edit: so now every Washington team has a dumb, uninteresting name?


Dan Snyder could screw up a wet dream.

I don’t know that Hue Jackson is going to help their case. He was retained after going 0-16!

Doesn’t that help the case?



I mean, it helps the case that those owners basically fixed games, but I’m not sure how it shows discrimination. Also if Hue took the money, that’s not good!

“Was considered” great job guys A+

Sadly we’re gonna get a lot of “We got him!” tweets for Ross, Haslam and Goodell that go absolutely no where.

1/2 of the WFT subreddit has been in denial for weeks because of numerous leaks that it was Commanders, but that name was so bad people were sure it was misdirection.

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Sounds like he hit a lot of incentive-driven bonuses if he was paid to lose!

2 years and they don’t even have this shit ready, just incredible stuff

New fight song for the Commies?



Imagine there are no end zones,
It’s easy if you try…