The Expanse (with spoilers and other sci-fi cameos)

If there are any sci-fi fans out there, The Expanse is outstanding. It’s like Game of Thrones only the writer isn’t a rape fetishist who’s too lazy to finish the story.

My perennial guilty please is the CW’s superhero soap opera shows. They’re so fucking cheesy, I love it. I’m just about to start watching the first episdoe their Batwoman show that just came out today.

Also, Aggretsuko on Netflix is a lot of fun. It’s like Japanese Dilbert with thrash metal and the artist isn’t a MAGA chud.

My bf loved this show. I didn’t watch it but may at a later point.

the new season of The Expanse dropped last friday on amazon prime. I’m about five episodes in and it’s good, but I feel like I’d have trouble following the show if I hadn’t already read all the books

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I didn’t read the books and I’m following the show OK. The Expanse is hands-down the best sci-fi thing going on right now.


Will check this out :+1:

Finished the 3rd book of the expanse series and watched the 2nd half of season 3 afterwards. I ended up fast forwarding a lot. Season 4 is already out and I am not sure if I should watch it or stick to the books. I had watched the first 2 seasons before the books and had no problem reading the books afterwards. I might end up doing it with season 4 as well. I think this way I have a bigger chance of enjoying both and the likelyhood of being disappointed by the tv show gets less.

First two seasons of The Expanse were outstanding. I’m a little less into S3 but still enjoying it.

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S3 pulled me back and S4 is great. Read the books a long time ago and I don’t remember enough to be pissed off or congratulate them on sticking close to the source, looking forward to the rest of S4 and S5. Amos is one of the best characters on tv imho.

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Finally got into the expanse. First couple times I tried I wasn’t able to get into it even though I love sci-fi. Stuck through the first couple episodes though and it got good.

Just finished season 3.

Show definitely lit fam.


Thanks man. First episode isnt doing it for me. Same with Justified. The wife and I are going to try to give Justified another chance and I’ll do the same for The Expanse on my own.

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Thats funny because Justified is the best comparison I could make for The Expanse. The first like 6 or 7 episode of Justified are meh stand alones. Then it gets really good. Season 2 of Justified is so good.

Stick with both. Trust me. They both get great.

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Justified Season 2 is peak tv

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Season 2 of Justified is one of the best seasons of TV ever made (not an exaggeration). Stick with it. You won’t be sorry.

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Expanse is outstanding if you like sci-fi epics.

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how can i watch all of the expanse? i watched the first season i believe but i think it was on some likely illegal website

All on Amazon Prime. Amazon bought the show IIRC.

Also over the last month, I 6ix’d my way through The Expanse. Am I the only one who found that S1 > S2 > S3 > S4, whereas the review sites have it basically the opposite? Cold take: didn’t read the books, but Holden is a Jon Snow retread; a brooding, somewhat sexually naive but still ripped af reluctant leader with a range of, generously speaking, three facial expressions.

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I finished The Expanse in the last week and I have about the same critique of both the main character and the show. It is a good show but inserting zombie Miller as the ultimate endless Deus Ex Machina really wore on me. Also the way the Rossi pilot talks is really grating and he is such a forgettable character I don’t even remember his name after watching 3 seasons in the last week

It is still better than average and entertaining.


Other than Amos everyone casted on the expanse should be airlocked

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The Expanse is a great show. I have spoken.

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