Sports LC Thread

Was at the game this afternoon. They’re playing w such confidence you can feel it. When Pete hit the HR in the first inning the game was never in doubt. Playoff chase starts in earnest on Friday but it has been a lot of fun getting to this point

What’s the worst they do, say no?

Weed ban is stupid for athletes.

We’ve got FOOTBALL babeee

I’m a huge Giants fan and a homer. I hated the Giants drafting this QB in 1st round. I know it was the Jets but WTF this kid looks good. Bookmark this post b/c I’m sure in 3 months I’ll be asking for his head on a platter.

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Not for another 4 weeks we don’t.

I just can’t possibly care about professional athletes playing games that don’t count. I understand that it’s very important for many of the players fighting for roster spots and stuff like that, but it’s not going to make me watch.

Wake me up on September 5.

Other than when he was on his back due to completely typical line play, Rosen looked good too. But prime Joe Montana wouldn’t even be able to play behind the Dolphins’ line this year.

They drafted the wrong one. That was the problem.

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I can’t believe I watched a Browns preseason game. WTF am I doing.

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Browns looking like an exciting team to watch. Quality skill players everywhere.

I’m ready for some eggball baby!!! Though by the time it finally starts I’ll prob be away. I’ll at least try to watch Steelers @ Pats.

I’ve spreadsheet-handicapped a few Week 1 games so far using a fairly crude model and then adjusting for injuries & a few subjective factors. My lines for them:

Wash +8 @ Philly
Rams -2 @ Carolina
Colts +6 @ Chargers (??)
Falcons +2.5 @ Minny
Giants +9.5 @ Dallas
Steelers +6 @ New England

Given the current market lines, the above suggests wagers on:
CAR +3
LAC -3
ATL +4
DAL -7.5

I’ll trust the model this season for giggles. It’s mostly not mine; it’s a sharp’s and he thinks it will beat the market for a couple more seasons. But I must say, I find Colts+6 hard to believe. I also don’t like that the model already has picks for 4/6 of the calculated games, but then again Week 1 tends to have soft lines. I expect the model to closely agree with the market by week 4, by which time there will be more relevant data to use.

@superuserbob what do you think of Yarde’s chances against Kovalev? I feel like Kovalev only laying 2:1 is a good bet because Yarde’s list of opponents is none too impressive and he only had like 15 amateur fights.

Lol Antonio Brown and looooooooooool raiduhs

Kovalev should be fine unless he gets clipped. He’s learned how to take care of his stamina issues as we saw against Eleider Alvarez.

Yo. you play fantasy football? Anyone is welcome, we need one more for this community’s league. Dedicated thread among the sundry topics

Can’t believe I’m excited for a regular season baseball series but here we are.

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Nah, I’m sure I’ll get into it eventually but I’m not ready lol. I know that once I start playing that, it will become another obsession and I have too much on my plate as it is.

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LOL Antonio Brown is nuts. I wonder if he’s trying to retire while keeping his money.


you’re funny. I like you. ok maybe next year

u see the 1st episode of Hard Knocks?

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Incognito comes across as a sane, bright, great guy