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NL should have implemented the DH ages ago

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You shut your mouth!


or in skydiver’s case


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fuck the DH!

I have been a DH. So a lot of people here would probably agree with you. ;)

Pretty LOL to say MLB regular season is meaningless when half the NBA makes the playoffs and the playoffs last 2 months. The first game of the playoffs was April 13th and Game 7 of the Finals would have been around June 15th. That’s insane. That’s half an NFL season.

In MLB, you have something like 12 teams fighting for 4 WC spots. Then, those 4 teams that do make the WC play one game to see who gets to actually make the playoffs. If it were the NBA, all 12 teams would make the playoffs LOL.

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I know you remember when there essentially weren’t wild cards. It makes a lot of effort for almost no reward. Why not a team peaking at the right time getting in and maybe causing some real drama in the MLB playoffs? 162 games for how many teams in the playoffs now? If anything, I think you could argue for expanding their playoffs not lowering the NBA playoffs. That’s especially true when you consider the payroll issues that have been going on in MLB forever.

Nearly every year two 50 win teams are potentially missing out on playoff spots in the West while teams struggling to hit .500 are duking it out for 8th in the East. That changed last year, with the power shift, but there were almost always 10 worthy teams in the West, with usually only 5 in the East. Last year, I think the East had 7 teams I thought could come out of those playoffs in the right conditions, and it wasn’t much different in the West though it didn’t play out that way.

Grew up a Reds fan, and never thought I’d be in on the DH.
After watching the Angels for 20 years, I’ve come around to the DH. Pitchers hitting is less interesting.

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Nba and Nhl would be much improved if they cut their season to 50 games.

So…how did you feel about the games last night and tonight, then? :laughing:

I gotta be honest, Reds baseball that matters in August is such a rare thing, I’m not sure what to feel right now. we could sneak in there.

In high school, you were allowed to DH for any player. Our pitchers were almost all great hitters and didn’t need DHs. I DH’d for a right fielder who couldn’t hit at all.

But that’s the point of a 162 game season. You are supposed to work hard to win the pennant. It’s literally the reason why MLB has always been 154 or 162 games. It’s how you determine the great teams from the good teams.

If you had the AL East and West like in the past, we would already know that the Yankees and Astros are facing each other to play in the WS two months prior to the playoffs even starting. (Assuming the Astros moved to the AL West) So with 2 months to go, there’s no drama for teams like Tampa, Minnesota, Boston, Oakland, etc.

Now do the same thing w/ the NL. You got the Dodgers and Braves. It’s dumb having some .500 team getting hot and being the first to win 11 games in the post season.

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If they could find a way to make it hilarious, like when Canseco comes in to pitch for an inning, then we’d have something

Hey, Wade Boggs threw a scoreless inning with that zany knuckleball of his LOL

Sad. Now both teams are 3-4 games under .500 and neither has games that matter.
I do have the Reds over 79 wins, so that helped a bit.

actually, the next few series for the Reds are probably the most important ones in years. We are legitimately in striking distance of a wildcard spot (4.5 games back), have won 8 of our last 11 games, and we face the cubs, nats, and cardinals next.

The Cubs are coming to town and the pitching matchups for the series are insane. Wood vs. Hamels, Bauer vs. Darvish, Gray vs. Hendricks, and Castillo vs. Lester. I haven’t been this excited/nervous for a series since 2012, at least. It’s so weird to see the Reds playing August baseball that matters.

Yeah, it’s a long shot, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

My beloved Mets are the same. 12-1 in their last 13 and 1.5 games out of the WC spot. They’re also pretty damn close to making it 13-1. Feels like 2015 all over again.

Can’t believe I criticized them for trading like they were still in the hunt. Guess every once in a while the Mets do make a good move.

yep. we play you guys in September. how wild is it that a Reds/Mets series could actually determine a playoff spot? LOL

In lolsparty news, the dean who was Larry Nassar’s Boss got a year in jail

And Josh Gordon has applied for reinstatement yet again because why the hell not