SARS-CoV-2: Electric Superflu

Since we are about to cross 10k in the other thread, it’s time to break containment.





Seriously, super stoked that I was able to find a way to avoid going to work today just to scan some papers.

In (please don’t ban me)

I think you’re ok unless you post horse porn.

@StimAbuser, is Newsom really putting the homeless in hotesl?

@LFS, from the other thread. why should they get fucked and you not get fucked?

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Next few months are gonna but nuts. If everything is shut down, no one can work. No one can pay rent or buy food. But if you are a landlord, do you evict someone? It’s not like someone else that isn’t working can move in and pay the rent. And if you have a mortgage, how do you pay it if you aren’t working? Just completely fucked up.

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I guess Dallas is a few days behind the NYC curve because we’re only at around half of our height of this year’s flu peak.

Going to be fun checking it every day

It’s probably a good thread topic: when a business’s income drops precipitously, how should an employer balance the needs of their employees with their own needs? I don’t know the answer and would be interested in hearing your and others’ opinions.


This really is the perfect crisis to show why Bernies platform is the transformative shift American politics needs.


That’s what I’ve been doing with countries in Europe.

In a sick way, I feel better when I realize that there are so many countries here that are more fucked than the Czech Republic.


We understand that but most Americans just don’t see it that way. It’s idiotic and millions will suffer over it.

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Sounds like thats his plan.

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In for the chaos

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Massachusetts closes all bars, restaurants closed to all but take out and delivery, and all group gatherings of over 25 people are banned. Schools closed until at least early April. Some changes with unemployment including relaxing “certain” requirements and waiving the normal 1 week waiting period.

My work went to mandatory work from home rather than optional. They are using some kind of technology I had never heard of to sanitize the entire building tomorrow, and then we are allowed to go and get any paperwork or other belonging that we might need starting on Tuesday. But they are only letting limited numbers of people into the building at a time.

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If nobody cancels and I can still get supplies, I have work through June. But there won’t be anything else on the horizon if (when) everything crashes, and I can probably expect cancellations for the stuff I already have booked too.

On the plus side, I have a fair bit of credit available and idgaf if I can’t pay those bills in 6 months.


Deleted my post and orphaned this because I was editing and got a phone call - didn’t have time to think about it.

Welp, daycare got closed for “deep cleaning.” It’s at a private house, not some company facility. The lady in charge didn’t say anything about known cases in the kids or anyone connected to them, or in their family, but the doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been someone connected to one of the kids there developed symptoms or tested positive (lol, there are no tests to be positive, what am I saying) or something, as on Friday the woman said they’d still be open Monday. Working from home with a 1 yo and a 2.5 yo is going to be an enormous challenge. So, Grandma and Grandpa Wookie volunteered to drive down. They are upper 60s and low 70s, respectively, in good health outside of Grandma recovering from a cold. They have an RV and presumably would stay in it parked outside our house. I guess for the foreseeable future? They are currently in the Seattle area, one of two places in America worse to be than here in the Bay.

Do you have them come down or stay home?

  • Come down
  • Stay home

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Financial insolvency I can handle, but orphaned posts is a bridge too far.