Poker News and Live Streams - Ivey wins 11th Bracelet

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Eleven bracelets, zero in holdem.


Buffer building a stack. :grinning:

I hope he wins and retires.
Hate the ufc intros.

A google search tells me he makes 50k per UFC event and 100k for special PPV fights. There’s no way he’s giving up that sweet gig.

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I thought Ivey didn’t play wsop anymore because that casino he lost the lawsuit to would seize all of his winnings?

Ivey settled with the Borgata a few years back.

Is there anything known about the terms or is it all private?

Sometimes people just play for the love of the game. And this probably isn’t that at all.

Terms are normally not disclosed in such cases and were not in this one.

He busted yesterday so hes in for 100k

In his post-win interview he said “unfortunately I had to take a lot of (WSOPs) off but that’s over now”

Something to that effect so the quotes aren’t real quotes but it’s my best approximation/recollection

Buffer busted in 8th place. Too bad I would have liked to have watched him battle the sharks on stream.

Should be a fun stream with Blom in the mix. Mateos will probably win though cause he’s been winning everything lately.

scott seiver wins 2nd bracelet of the series

What a sicko. He is heading for hall of fame now for sure.

Scott Seiver related story time.

I went on a cruise when I was 20. Played a good amount of poker and absolutely crushed the idiots there. It was my second time ever playing live casino poker but it was like printing money. I looked like I was 12, was nervous as shit, but kept an even keel and played well. I noticed an older guy standing next to me for a while just watching. Kind of weirded me out. When I got up he approached me and asked to talk. It was Scotts dad, and he told me about how his son was part of a group of young pro poker players who trained together. He said “I see so much of my son in the way you play”. Wanted to connect me with Scott to get coached. He even asked to talk to my parents, who were on the cruise as well, to explain to them that poker was a viable career path.

I never ended up talking to Scott, but am still facebook friends with his dad. And the conversations I had with him gave me the biggest confidence boost of my life, motivated me to pursue poker, and led to me playing full time for 6.5 years. I’ve always rooted for Scott since then.


I never liked Seiver, but the guy backs up his insane confidence every time.

He was taking open bets against anyone for this wsop and announcing hes going to win player of the year.


Great picture