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Let’s have a separate thread for news from the poker world and one for hand discussion.

First up:


People still watch poker? Geez.




I could go for some poker right now.


Wow, end of an era. I seriously can’t believe it’s been 18 years since Moneymaker. I remember those first three years on ESPN like they were yesterday.


Easy to hate Phil, hard to deny that he has some commentary chops for poker

This is all going to be on their pay-channel right?

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Main event WSOP & SCOOP/WCOOP’s to rail some old faces. :grin:

Is this the thread for poker views and gossip as well?


I can’t believe I was obsessed with watching poker back in the day. Now my eyes glaze over within minutes. Wonder what happened. I think finding out a lot of the famous players are scum in real life is a part of it.


I watched the latest season of High Stakes Poker, and it was entertaining enough, but can’t get into most of the lineups they have on Poker After Dark, and I don’t really like watching tourney poker.

A big part of it for me is that all the internet era players are super boring to watch, even if they are GTO wizards. Dwan would be an exception.

I’d much rather watch the “old school” pros like Farha, Elezra, Matusow, etc. b/c at least they had personality and created interesting table dynamics. Now you have like 5 dudes playing GTO poker, 2 billionaires, and 1 semi fish in your ave. lineup. Doesn’t make for a very interesting watch imo.

There’s been some other cash games that have been incredible, like Triton and Party Big Game, but those are few and far between.


Livepros are going to make for better TV because creating an environment where the rec enjoys losing his money is one of the most important skills for a hs live cash player.

This is in sharp contrast to the endboss online pro, whose skillset is specialized into being the most powerful wizard and this generally requires a neurodivergent brain.


Mashed some buttons the other night PLO8, it’s stupid

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I’m beyond excited to finally have a poker room nearby again. WSOP poker room scheduled to open by the end of the year.


I remember when the story was that they had e-poker tables that were classified as slot positions, so you had to get a W2-G if you a pot that was over $1200.

We’re evolving!

Why do Kid Poker and Norman Chad hate each other? Did I miss something?

Probably goes way back to before the boom when Dnegs arrived in Vegas, he dislike most all of the highstakes players and community in those days lol.

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I came across this. He seems batshit insane here.

Daniel seems to have changed in the recent year + and has what it looks to me is changed from the classic nice Canadian to the loud mouth jock.

Maybe he’s trying to gain some cred or more of an audience or some shit, the mention of his Guru or life coach in some of his outbursts seems to say that its his new direction, pity that tbh as we’ve all seen how that goes IRL, the douche guys usually get away with things well because that’s who they are, where as if you wanna act/play the douche most people will take offence.

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