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DNegs talks the way a lot of Trumpnuts do, making fun of “wokeness” and other such nonsense. He is becoming the poker equivalent of the guy who makes videos in his truck.


Anyone else been following this?

Fuck this kid. Glad he got whooped.


Rich people playing high stakes poker against pros breaks my brain because I actually end up rooting for rich people to make more money.


Classic example was Guy Laliberte. Dude is just ridiculously likeable and especially on Full Tilt, the bumhunting by top pros was absurd.


I question their definition of “dominating,” but yeah, it’s a first. And I think it’s a result of the pandemic.


One of the great things about online poker is that women can play without the bullshit that comes with being a woman at a live table. I don’t care what you think about women’s tourneys, etc, but imagine how intimidating it was when you were setting foot into a live poker room for the first time. Now multiply that feeling by 100 and that’s what it’s like for us, especially as a beginner.

Having the ability to learn online, in a low-stakes, anonymous environment, is absolutely invaluable to getting more women into the game. The pandemic forced everyone to find online solutions, and I personally know a lot more women who were willing to learn online, from people they know, in a more laid-back setting (less money, less worrying about depositing and withdrawing, etc).

It’s still not as directly beneficial as staking (with coaching), but the effect is real.


Substantiated rumors of 2022 WSOP back in June and on the strip.

Dunno where everyone is gonna park though, extra parking rake would suck.

Gotta make sure you have a higher tier card for both Caesars and Mlife so you can park everywhere.

Does platinum get you free parking? I can usually get that from WSOP play.

For now, but it wouldn’t shock me if Eldorado cut that benefit.

Currently, Caesars hotel guests get free parking, MGM does not. Both give guests free in and out at other properties they own.

I don’t know if that privilege extends to Rio hotel guests, but I assume it does since the website never said anything.

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Parking at PHo seems like the best current option.

Planet Hollywood is moving to paid parking.

The source is a guy with 205 followers who posted something on twitter?

The primary source is a Facebook post by a pool tournament organizer saying their Bally’s contract was cancelled due to the WSOP.


Until the Pandemic I was playing semi-regularly with Layne for a few years. One night him and a friend broke the game on my behalf and helped me sober up when I was in an awful mental space and mixing lots of drugs and alcohol. One week he would say he was getting sober and a week later he was visibly on pills and drinking. Certainly one of if not the wittiest player I’ve ever played with. I’ll miss him


Hellmuth, Negreanu, and Matt Savage acknowledged it on Twitter so I guess it’s true.

I was playing a table over from Flack just last month. A woman called out “Layne-y baby”. Could it be him, I wondered, and looked in the direction she was shouting.

There he was. He looked more like he was drinking and having a good time socializing than trying his hardest to win. Maybe that’s that the image he cultivated or maybe he’s the sort to gamble it up and only knuckle down if he gets a big stack. I was too busy concentrating on my game to watch him, but I think he was getting up from the table a lot. At some point, I looked over and he wasn’t there anymore. Whether he went in search of food, more liquor, or another game to play in, I’ll never know.

I have this in my collection:



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Poker players using angles and every trick they can to maximize value? Inconceivable.