The Ginger C(h)at LC Thread for Sundry Chatchitting

That’s why when I send in my taxes I always put in a twenty with all the forms. Gets mine put at the top of the pile iykwim.


I don’t think you’d get the Rumsfeld seal of approval.

Damn, you‘re much older than I thought.


Lmao standard


Layne Flack died. Sad.

Thoughts on repairing vs replacing a 10 year old washer dryer set?

Also, anyone have an all in one? They any good?

Are they actually failing or you are just updating?

We recently bought a new set and we ended up going with a Samsung pair, base on Consumer Reports ratings and price. The all in one’s tended to have lower user ratings, for whatever thats worth. I also hate the idea if needing to replace both if only one fails.

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They are shaking like crazy. My issue is to call a guy in will be like 1/4 cost of new. Might as well go new I think.

I’ve had all in one’s in a few apartments. Usually smaller loads than standalone but other than that they weren’t any problem. I rarely did more than a load or two a week though.

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Separates should be more reliable and last longer but obviously take up more space and cost more. We’ve always had all in ones. Get an AEG or Bosch and you should be ok.

Top load or front load washer? We’ve had a front load for the last 10 years and my wife is pretty resolute that we’re replacing it with a top load because of the mildew smell. (And inconvenience of the washer door opening into the dryer, making it hard to switch from washer to dryer.)

We went with front loading, our washer/dryer are stacked in a closet.

fyi—I went with LG 10 years ago based on CR’s recommendation and no issues. My mother says its the best washer she’s ever used. Front load, HE. Only issue is that it is slow.

Interesting we had that mildew smell too. We started leaving it open all the time. Is that a front load thing?

“If you use the wrong detergent, too much detergent, or too much fabric softener, or let the drum and gaskets stay wet between uses, mildew and mold will grow in your washer and it’ll stink.”

I don’t know if it’s correct, but I just leave the lid open on my top-load washer for like 30 minutes after I finish a load. Like I’ll put stuff in the dryer, start it, and then close the washer lid when I come back to check on the dryer. Seems to help?

I just got a new pair, and noticed that the doors open away from each other. Just luck that our hookups are in the right spot, or is there a standard?

Not sure. What’s super annoying is that the dryer door is actually reversible, but the washer door is not. So the only change I can make would make things worse. (Dryer is on the left, washer is on the right. Both doors open to the left.) If we were smart and observant, we probably could have had the delivery guys swap them when they were installed. But we were 1) first-time homeowners, 2) in a new city dealing with 3 kids under the age of 5, 3) neither smart nor observant.