Omnibus January 6 Insurrectionist Thread

Did he cry?

I hope he cried

We got him! We got John Lolos!!!

This is so disgusting. Historians are going to look back and be like WHAT THE FUCK THEY TELEGRAPHED IT HOW STUPID COULD EVERYONE BE

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Holds a Masters in Theology from Liberty University.

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Just when I think nothing could possibly depress me more - I’m fresh off watching videos from today’s school shooting - it somehow gets worse.

James Lankford?

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I’m happy to report that Northwestern beat Liberty U for the national field hockey title a week ago.

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Near where the ex grew up. Drove through a few times. every shooting makes my mind go to some very dark places.


Nothing will happen to any of them.

I love how we need a committee and an investigation and METADATA when there’s a fucking phone call of the President pressuring the Georgia Sec of State to overturn the election results.


LMFAO we already have a goddamn handwritten note from Trump telling his cronies to overturn the election, but now in BREAKING DEVELOPMENTS we have… metadata. Maddow is beyond parody at this point.


It’s the same shit over and over. Every delay tactic goes unchallenged and works flawlessly. But we really got Bannon in a tough spot! What is he, at home doing his podcast daily and mocking the committee? After, of course, posting bail and turning the entire situation into a press conference to rally the base and laugh at the process.

For whatever reason news like this always reminds me of the incredibly embarrassing Lewandowski hearing where he blew up it from the start and ol’ Jer Nadler couldn’t be more befuddled by the lack of respect for norms

With all these guys now planning to plead the fifth I’d soon expect (if not out already) some kind of montage of all the times Trump’s publicly said that pleading the fifth just means you’re guilty and is only for mobsters. Act Blue will fist pump and wegotem all over social media and then whoa it’s election day.