Omnibus January 6 Insurrectionist Thread

Just a reminder that it’s all a silly game among rich morons to try to get re-elected. Literally nothing else matters than the game.

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A Florida Oathkeeper. Damn, that reminds me… I wonder if DBJ made it out unscathed.

Wnshzhxhsjnsnd dndjdjsns what the fucking fuck

Honestly, I can live with this exception.

Would a black person get the same flexibility? No? Then fuck off*.

*Not you, the judge, lol.

a black Trump loving Oathkeeper would surely get the same

Makes you wonder if there was a photographer with Trump.

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strong “we got him” vibes

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How is Muller She Wrote still a thing in 2021?

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The people who show up in every “event” thread like more subpoenas to post poorly photoshopped pics of TFG in yellow jumpsuits have to follow somebody I guess

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Sounds like the shaman guy might do some legit time if this doesn’t get mysteriously walked back

He’ll be out in time to be appointed a cabinet position in Trumps administration.

If not out, then he will just get pardoned. He will get the pardon and a medal from Trump at the same ceremony.

FWIW, this dude has a history of prior assault convictions.

I didn’t look this guy up and have no idea what his economic status is, but I think these outcomes are going to provide vivid examples and stark contrasts of the differences between how the haves and have nots fair in our criminal justice system

I fully expect a moderately successful business owner with a net worth in the neighborhood or north of $750,000-$1.5M who vandalized and stole something to receive a much less severe sentence than a grocery clerk living from paycheck to paycheck who simply followed the crowd inside and left. The difference an expensive attorney makes cannot be overstated

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It isn’t even that these expensive lawyers are great at their jobs, in most cases, it’s that our system allows for endless procedural nonsense from rich defendants and the implied threat that comes with that generates plea bargains. Also prosecutors have lots of cases and many are lazy.

Also, close to every time a criminal case goes to trial, the incompetence of police is front and center. They almost always fuck up, then lie. Easier to plead it down than try to overcome that.

It’s enough time to write a future NYT bestseller: