Omnibus January 6 Insurrectionist Thread

Feels like this topic is spread out across a few threads and I’d like to see it consolidated in one place because I am tired of trying to figure out where to post stuff. Congressional hearings, GOP insanity, prosecutions, and general Trump insanity related to the coup attempt.

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Wouldn’t be surprised if they convert the guards.

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Who’s surprised by this?



Class A misdemeanor. #WeGotHim

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Whatever happened with banno? Referred to DOJ and nothing?

Looking into it very strongy.

lol, 60 days is the biggest sentence so far, and she only got that much time because the judge really didn’t like her bragging about how she would get away with it.

lol boomers:

Beyond parody

I’ve seen some theory that there is an imminent ruling which should contain a finding that the 1/6 committee is acting with a “legislative purpose” and that is something DOJ wants on record for a Bannon indictment.

No clue as to this claims accuracy.

He probably would have gotten a few thousand dollar fine and like 2 months in jail, at the absolute most

cool, six new people will be ignoring pelosi

They’re just broadcasting their impotence, so laughable. What a bunch of fucking losers.