Non-Political Ranting: Unleash Your Anger ITT

People who sit in the front and think they can mess with a man’s radio, Clyde you say, should be right hook Clyde all day everyday…

And what shit is Hugh keeven today… And a DJ that’s never played a tune in his life.

Mind you I wish the same could be said for the bastard that though of the GBX roadshow, 1,000,000 beats a Sec, sloooooow down ya rocket.

Bring back Tiger Tim… We loved you Tim.

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DAW? Get yourself this Synthstrom Deluge. I got your bleep bloop also.

Disclaimer: I still use Ableton and Reaper


Everyone talks about all this wicking bullshit, but fuck that, cotton is king.

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Nothing like having a cleaning lady giving you unsolicited medical advice on how to handle epilepsy. Doubly bad that it’s horrible advice involving stopping my medication and replacing it with meditation, yoga, and telling myself that I’ll never have a seizure again.

I know it comes from a good place but it’s pretty infuriating that people suddenly think they’re medical experts because they read conspiracy theories about big pharma and pseudoscience on Natural News.


“A reverse mortgage isn’t some sort of trick to take your home.” FFFFFUUUUUU Tom Sellick

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Got on a tram today to get back to my flat. About a minute in, I see a girl coughing in one of the seats. People on the tram were pretty aware because despite how crowded it was, there was a small buffer zone between her and people standing.

A middle-aged woman was in the seat behind her and spoke passable English. She asked the girl if she was okay. I mean that shit never happens in the Czech Republic. Nobody asks strangers if they’re okay here but that coughing definitely concerned some people. Turns out the cougher is a French tourist in her early 20’s and of course she’s not wearing a mask. She claimed to be okay but fuck that. I’m 100% sure she has covid-19 and I’m she got a bunch of people sick because she’s too cheap to take an Uber. I can see why so many people here hate tourists.

As for my location on the tram, I saw the crowd I was in and put on my mask even before I heard the coughing. I was about 8-10 feet away for her and she was coughing in the opposite direction from where I was. I turned my back from her and there was enough people between us that those people probably inhaled before it got to me.

TLDR: Knowing my luck, I have covid-19.


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I fucking hate hustle culture. It’s a crutch for unimaginative, non-thoughtful people who have gaping holes in their self worth and idolize destructive, pathological heroes. It diminishes humanity in others and the self. Of all the addictive behaviors, ideologies and substances I have dabbled in, its one of the ones I regret the most as I caused tangible damage to others by taking part in it.

It’s so fucking transparent. I hate it.


Never heard of the phrase “hustle culture” until now.

Seems like labor exploitation to me. That is unless you’re the exploiter.

One thing I learned by leaving America is how important time off is. Excessive work hours and poor conditions can take years off of somebody’s life.


The following is a political rant:

Next person that mentions Texas is turning purple is gonna get popped.

Just finished a GOTV texting campaign and Trump is doing just fine down here. Also Kanye West is doing very well. Fish Sticks and WAAF.

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