Non-Pol Hot Takes

I do not like the general direction of the post/like ratio talk. I know it is mostly jest, but it is counterproductive for the most liked posters to post less and the morons like me to post with reckless abandon.

FURTHER–it creates a dynamic where people are going to be stingy with their likes. What the fuck for? Love each other, y’all. If you don’t hate it, like it!

I plan to spend likes like I’m drunk shopping on Amazon. And if this shit keeps trending I will go and like every one of @nunnehi’s posts in the debate thread to fuck up the score in your little game. Fair warning.


I can post hot takes here?

Hot sauce is overrated. It tastes mediocre and often ruins flavor. Come at me.

Also coffee tastes like shit.


Youre using the wrong hot sauce


And drinking the wrong coffee


I’m liking this because I strongly disagree with both of these takes.

I like this one because I strongly agree.


Coffee is for unrefined people who don’t enjoy tea.


Some of us drink both.

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There’s nothing worse than somebody who can’t decide what team they’re on.


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Some of us drink neither.


I’m throwing out likes like it’s going out of style, I enjoy being able to agree with a post without having to say “+1”


“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds"



I’m team both.

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I’m with you on tea + coffee, but Emerson was a twit* (I’ll be nicer and changed the a to an i)

Numbers don’t lie.

“Tea is the most popular manufactured drink consumed in the world, equaling all others – including coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, and alcohol – combined”

Although people who drink both are definitely weird, the even weirder people are those who abstain from both.

I initially read this as “Non-Pol Pot Takes” and was very confused.


We SHOULDNT kill millions of our own countrymen.

I read it that way too! Just confirmed my impression of Johnny being a weirdo :smiley:

The only hot sauce that’s worth it…

It also makes the worst burgers the best…

Coffee is better than tea because Tea only makes afternoon Cakes 10x as expensive…

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