Jerusalem Clashes 2021

Imagine what would happens if Muslims killed worshippers at St Peter’s Basilica.

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Got a bunch of students going to Israel in November. Was considering going as a chaperone with a few other teachers. Would suck if this happened while they (or we) were there.

Hamas fiired some rockets at Jerusalem in the last hour or so.

Hundreds of Israelis had panned to march through muslim areas in East Jerusalem to mark occupation day, they’ve ben rerouted by the IDF.

Jfc that march is nothing but triumphalism and the only surprise is it being rerouted by the Israelis.

The right wing love their marches - I wonder of this lot carry torches or favour a particular colour?


This is a political orchestrated escalation. Bibi is about to go down and both him and Hamas aren’t having it.



What am I watching here?


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The use of Zionism in these type of tweets is so shallow it’s really meaningless.

In my experience its mostly used as a crude shorthand for “bad Jewishness”.

Which makes it meaningless. I get that most people don’t have the time or energy to learn about the ME (and why should they), but that kind of discourse is completely empty

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I’m pretty sure Jared Kushner solved the middle east, not sure why we still need to talk about it. Maybe Hunter Biden screwed it up again.


Sorry if posting those tweets offended or are offensive, that was not my intentions.

I’m willing to learn, it’s also hard to trust sources and generally only listen or read on here & back before on 2/2 and specifically yourself and others @microbet has mentioned.

Again I did not mean anything wrt those tweets other than trying to post some info.

Maybe it’s a little of assholes having taken over the term? I lived in a Jewish house in the late 80s that was sponsored iirc by Hillel and most of the people there were part of Young Judea, so all pretty explicitly “Zionist” at the time. It was possible in that circle to be Zionist and not right-wing in this context. I don’t know how much of that was nievete and how much was times being different, but I doubt it’s the case anymore. It could have been an illusion, like generally thinking you could be patriotic without being jingoistic.

eta: Another thing to note about the dancing right-wing boys that you see there related to us wondering about how many police and military are in our torch marches…~all of them are in the military or will be soon.


I’m no Jared Kushner, but murdering worshippers at one of the most holy sites of Islam during Ramandan seems notgreatbob.gif

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I’m not sure what your issue is with her tweets. She’s a Jewish doctoral student in political science at Princeton and research fellow at a Jewish and Arab institute that was “founded in order to change public discourse and opinion in Israel regarding our relationship with our neighbors.” I’m pretty sure she understands what Zionism is and is using the term correctly.