Jeopardy! Thread (No spoilers until after the show EST)

James didn’t get a single daily double and almost won anyway.

I was really disappointed in Brad. Looks like this is going to be a 2-man race.
It also seemed like Brad’s strategy was to prevent the others from getting DDs, as I don’t understand why else he would target like he did. Wasted several of them.

Hope Jennings farts in all their smug faces and wins and moonwalks our with his check and then takes over for Trebek

the iran news preempted the normal jeopardy game’s final jeopardy and i was pissed

Didn’t for me.

Anyway, it was nice to see a Jeopardy show with difficult questions for once.

Obviously, I don’t get to watch often as my stays in America are rarely this long but has Jeopardy become easier over time? I don’t think I’ve become smarter.

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I’d be shocked if Brad doesn’t win at least one game, but tonight was clearly not his day.

Brad has run like the sun in previous tournaments, so a comedown like this was overdue. Shame, because he was clearly the best in game 2, just got tripped up on the wrong clues.

So either Ken sweeps or this goes to a second week. Either outcome is perfectly acceptable. Watch for James to get rolling tonight, though, he’s not going to be kept away from the Daily Doubles forever.

I did way better than I expected on those super-tough boards, about $42k combined across the two games (I average about $35k in regular games).

I was amazed at how quickly they were able to get the triple rhyme and the before/during/after categories. Those were super fun.

Brad had the most rungood of all of them hitting a DD with his first pick in DJ both games.

Before/During/After is a hellish category.

You’re essentially answering three questions in the same timeframe as answering one. Its insane how quick they are at it. I think I got one correct in real time out of both those categories (something about garfield, I’ve already forgotten now.)

James’ “Ha Ha!” taunt of getting in on Philadelphia before Rutter was fantastic.

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I managed to get Blame Canada Goose Gossage and The Facts of Life, the Universe and Everything bagel. I was close on the $2000 one, had Portuguese Man-o-War Machine but couldn’t come up with Sonnets from the Portuguese in the front.

Good practice for the online test, they always have a Before & After clue on there.

I actually found Triple Rhyme Time worse, the clues are a lot shorter so there’s less time to think about it. A lot of the time it’s ring in and hope. My best get last night was Tahiti graffiti treaty, I loved that one. The Jeopardy! writers are something else.

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That was it. Blame Canada Goose Gossage

For such a tough game, having easy Final Jeopardy questions was pretty shocking.

I think SA posted this on 2p2 but am I able to watch these episodes on Hulu or on demand? Don’t have DVR and might not be able to watch it live.

They are available on hulu

Do you know when they upload the new one?

Usually 3am EST but some stuff like 5am the next day

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I can’t not post this ITT:

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lol The Crown the gf nailed them all

Nice get there

Edit: double double