How do we attract new users?

So now that things are up and running smoothly at this new site, maybe worth thinking about finding ways to inject new blood into the userbase? I don’t have any smart ideas on how to do this, maybe find other left-leaning communities and spread the word a bit? It’d be nice if we had the perspective of more non-white dudes.

If you’ve got ideas, post 'em here imo.

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As a white dude I suspect any ideas I have would bring in more white dudes. Has anyone really tried to talk well named into just moving over here? The new 2p2 politics is a real shit show.

Oh he and chez have already quietly registered over here. Or else someone has taken those usernames.

We’ve been getting a fair number of clicks from twitter, for which we can thank kre8tive. We also show up in Google and Bing searches now and have had some traffic from there already. That will likely go up as we create more content.

I also have a side project on deck for a publishing platform and crowdsourced news aggregator that could be directly linked to the forum. If that ever gets off the ground I think it has the potential to drive some traffic our way. I should have more to say about that in a week or two.


To start small, I mentioned this before, but there are high profile poker players who occasionally tweet about politics. Doug Polk did some last night. We could have the unstuck account respond to those kinds of things and invite people here for a fuller discussion.

Also maybe select friends and family. I invited someone before 2nd debate but saw some posts where I thought oh shit I hope that’s not the first impression.

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An official Doug Polk talks politics thread (he seems like a social liberal, fiscal libertarian leaning moderate dem :-1:t4:). Let’s give Daniel one too. Or at least get a retweet from them (and Nate).

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Not sure how to do this but a POG community might be a way to attract some more peeps. I was always amazed by the posters with the huge post counts that I never heard of bc most of their stuff was in POG. And the no-refresh software would be interesting in a werewolf.

uhhhh, the 22 POG posters were like 100% garbage people, tho. At least the ones who came into the politics forum.


The thread title asks for new users. If they have to be decent people that’s going to make this a lot harder ffs


I had an idea that patrons nominate a podcast episode once a week/month and then we nudge people to listen to it and dedicate a thread to it and take a deeper dive on the subject. Could pull in some people who are fans of that podcast looking for a discussion as most of these podcasts don’t have active/dedicated forums.

Obviously there are risks here of attracting the dork web element.

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I would support a push for more sports traffic. I’m not sure why people would be sporty here, but they’ve been awfully sporty on a poker site in the past, so what the heck. They post a lot. Game day threads are great with live updates. Sports people, be more sporty imo.

“Sports” is one of those words that starts to sound really goofy after a few repetitions.

That could work. I saw an author of a new book join in on twitter when he saw a group forming to discuss his book. I don’t listen to many podcasts but the comment section on a webpage isn’t a very satisfying place for discussion.


Game day thread on 22 are dying but @suzzer99 better post with me during redzone and maybe bring some friend from ChiefsPlanet

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Just harder to do with a book because presumably each person would have to buy the book to contribute to the thread, although authors go on podcasts readily enough that we can select episodes with the author talking about the book and link to the book they are promoting.

Just as an example, I listened to some robot apocalypse podcast yesterday, but the guest was really really good and has a book coming out in September, that could easily work as a thread.

Controversy draws attention. Use the twitter account to get in a twitter feud with someone notable.

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I will start a sumo thread once aki bahso comes around. Guarunteed to have a lot of traffic from that.

It’s definitely them by their own admission.

Tweet at AOC. She sometimes responds to nobodies if they make a good point about something important. Now for how to make a good point about something important…


We definitely need more leftist voices on here.

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