How do we attract new users?

We should get our house in order along the way… Three of the main Politics threads are complete AIDS right now due to dumb slapfights: Gun violence thread (Cactus & respondents), Who will run (pablohoney and some other idiots), and Epstein (Clovis and his enablers).

I’m not sure about you, but I’m perfectly happy that this place is for the most part a racist/bigot/anti-science free zone.

Find a leftist subreddit, ask how you argue with people like that, and post examples and a link. Maybe some of them come over to argue.

Yeah that would work pretty well.

Put this in the first 50 or so posts of the last forum but a podcast. It doesn’t have to be anything too serious. My wife and I had a few drinks last weekend and recorded a 35 minute or so podcast on Anchor (first app i found in the play store) and I thought it turned out shockingly well for two half drunk people who weren’t really trying. Rotating regular crew putting something out shouldn’t be too hard if we are doing 1, 1 hour ep a week. This is the way the world is trending and putting out some content that is non forum based is the best way to draw in new people IMO.

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I like the podcast idea but it has some drawbacks:

  1. We’re still stuck at the “How do we promote this?” step

  2. Podcasts tend to have subreddits so we’d be fighting to get any potential r/UnstuckPolitics people over here instead

Getting some kind of original content out there is our best shot at growing beyond the existing group though.

Make the podcast. Share it to our social media. If it flops oh well it was worth a shot. I am spending hours a week talking politics irl with people anyways. It would take not a ton of effort to participate in a podcast. It wouldn’t need to have a ton of planning. This weeks topics:

2020 race
Economy and Trump’s trade war.

Do 20ish minutes freestyling on each. The end. If it gains anymore popularity you make it a bit more structured/formatted but I was literally surprised how good a spur of the moment fuck around podcast ended up for me and my reluctant wife after a night of drinking. If anyone wants to listen to it(as long as you can give some grace for literally doing it on the fly) i would be happy to link you.

Do we have an estimate on how many we are still missing from the transition?

Looks like he had 402 at Exiled plus a couple of spammers who’ve reg’d since posting was disabled, and 275 registered here. Old site had 78ish users without a single post. Here we have ~88 without a post.

New Sign-ups in August

Click on image to see whole list.

Maybe a dedicated “bitch about 2+2” thread was a draw for some of those people.

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What do people think of renaming the Trump thread? Newcomers might think it’s a straightforward representation of the tone here.

Presidunce Donald Trump

New tagline?

Unstuck Politics - More characters than Twitter, fewer relatives than Facebook


This would actually work

I should convince chop to do a travel podcast with me. I mean he’s not funny but he has some moderately interesting stories.

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Yeah that’s pretty good.

Now we just have to figure out how to get people to Google us.

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