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So I’m good with that, but before I start offering solutions with zero understanding of effort to make them happen, let me ask a bunch of questions and ask for feasibility, threats or concerns from those who know what’s up, and others who have concerns about the subject at this point.

  1. Is it possible to have a native opt-out that doesn’t require an ********* to be downloaded?
  2. What do people think about the ads in general? Are the concerns you have about big, undemocratic paychecks hyperbole SA? Are you concerned that the money could cause decisions to be pushed that are revenue minded rather than community-minded? That it is unfair? (and I mean you do you, sir, but if you could answer this with consideration for how insulting it may feel when there is passive aggression involved, it would prolly be more conducive to the end goal)
  3. Micro, what’s the concern about a donate to opt-out of ads model?
  4. What are the wildest hopes and dreams of those involved here? Like what is the happiest of happy paths for the ad revenue?

Let’s start there.

I’ll go first, IDGAF about anyone getting paid out of this. I like the Coup Crew, and appreciate what they did and am fucking glad they did it, TBH, and if they get stupid rich somehow from ads, great. If other people do also, that’s cool too. I am not going to do shit to get on the payrolll, so as long as they don’t fuck up my experience here by making dumb rules to maximize profits or some shit, go for it. My biggest concern for the site, to be frank, is that it’s not going to be interesting enough to hang out much or attract new users if we don’t have some different opinions. I’m not talking the JVs and Jdocks, but fuck dude. The Trump admin just announced torching Flores, and I can’t even go and say I told you so to the people who were saying that they didn’t want to detain kids but had to because of the Obama policy or whatever. Like I can only, literally preach to the choir here. Micro is getting his fix at 2p2, and this thread is a stand-in for the other drama.

I mean seriously. The “not worth it” isn’t about $7, it’s really that it is not worth getting fucking choked up over this topic. Let’s lighten the mood up a bit. Y’all hear about the Amazon rain forest?

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I was trying to get the right reference, I think I have it. You’re like the House of unstuck, while Cuddy is the composite of the people running the hospital err website

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You could try laying off the Stalinist coup accusations. Essentially anyone could have been part of this and as far as I’m concerned still can. In fact I would happily transfer my responsibilities to you.

Like what is the end goal here? Is it to be a self-contained, sovereign residence for the former inhabitants of 2p2 Politics? Or is it to be something more?

It seems like this place is trying to be all things to all people. We want diverging view-points, just not the normal right-wing bullshitters. We want a socialist experiment, but someone has to take charge.

What was really the problem with the old place? It’s been made very clear that all the effort behind this wasn’t made altruistically. What’s the deal yo?


I’m asking rhetorically.

But I know, I know. Anyone could have done it. And here you are, having done it.

I think this is worth discussing a bit. I would like to see the site grow too but I’m ambivalent about how because while it would be cathartic to attract and then dunk on morally rudderless internet dorks, do you really want that element unchained (so to speak) here? I’m not saying it’s impossible to break through to some of them, but jesus is it bad reading like 99% of the time.

For example, I had an idea here about starting some threads dedicated to specific podcast episodes (don’t have to be political) and then whoever cared would try to listen to the episode and we take a deeper dive in the thread; you drop something about Sam Harris or Jordan Peterson in the title I gotta believe google or bing will direct us some dorks. Go to a deplorable reddit sub, drop a link, etc…

I didn’t make this decision unilaterally, and the only reason I ended up as one of the admins is because nobody else was willing to do the work. Do you want to take over for me instead? Because aorn it’s a pretty god damn unrewarding job. How quickly can you get up to speed with Discourse, not to mention Rails, Ember, Docker and Nginx? You can probably skate without the Ruby and JS, but you’re definitely going to have to know the other two if you want to keep this site up.

Also required:

  • Basic Linux sysadmin
  • Coordinating with some guy you don’t know in CA who registered the domain, and managing the DNS entries
  • Setting up SPF and DKIM so the domain doesn’t get spoofed for spam and get blacklisted
  • Configuring one of your own personal email accounts to work for site emails to avoid extra costs
  • Paying the fucking bills out of your own bank account
  • Manage multiple SSL certificates
  • Setting up linked Google and Twitter accounts for logins
  • Registering with and monitoring search engines
  • Dealing with endless shit like this thread
  • Managing backups and updates
  • Monitoring Exiled to make sure some asshole doesn’t change his avatar to include frontal nudity and put our biggest source of traffic at risk

That’s just off the top of my head. There’s definitely a lot more. Do you want the job? lmk. PM me a resume.

Kind of. Discourse distinguishes between users with various privileges through a series of trust levels. It is possible to not show ads to people at trust level X and above

I’m not sure if it’s possible to make it so that people at higher trust levels don’t also have other privileges that people at lower levels don’t. There is also an option to not show ads to patrons and donors, but if you are seeing ads right now, that means this doesn’t work with the AdSense ads

The rich shouldn’t get better health care, it should be the same across the board.

Yeah, I am to some degree. Has anyone stopped you from doing anything? Have you tried to do anything? Have you asked if you could do something? Have you done anything on your own and asked anyone to help? As far as I know, not a single person was excluded.

Huh? I mean I’m doing this because I like playing with computers so technically it’s probably not altruistic,

Not you.

Why would I do that?

I asked what was wrong with the old site and what the goal is here?

It’s past my bedtime and I’m well past done for the day, but for me none of this is about the revenue per se, it’s about building something bigger. I believe there is potential for a lot more from this community and I want to help create a platform that makes that possible. A neccesary part of that imo is that this site be allowed to try to generate income. Without that there’s going to be a very low ceiling on what can be accomplished.

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These are fair questions but if you want to grow the site this place is yugely better, I suggest never bringing up the old place again, I’d echo Tone’s sentiment here:

So I am not seeing ads right now, and I think it is because ads are only on the default skin? Is that right? What I was proposing is there be opt out skins that don’t show ads but don’t require an adblocker, for example. That way people who object to ads can easily choose a skin that doesn’t show them. This is different from the donate to opt out idea, btw.

As for the rich people not getting better health care, I mean what we are talking about is paying for your usage here by cash or by working for it and seeing ads, I suppose. I’ll do both, cuz I am real pinko. I like the spirit, but is there anything more capitalist than marketing people’s attention to the highest bidders so they can try to influence us or sell to us? It’s just about the juiciest can’t change the system while participating in it analogy I can imagine.

How does that not read like Mark Zuckerberg?

Just the other day, before the ads, I was browsing the site enjoyably and I thought to myself, “this is great. This is a community forum with fantastic posters discussing interesting topics that I enjoy reading, and there are no ads, there’s no need for ads because we’re funded by donations and members donating their skills and time”

And then the ads show up and I was a little bothered but not that bothered. Then as I was browsing I thought of a product I hadn’t considered buying in months. I didn’t do a search for it, I didn’t even say it out loud, it was a thought fully contained within my brain. And yet somehow, though this pernicious Google ad algorithm, an ad for that product popped up at the bottom of the page. It unnerved me. Not just because it reminded me that google has completely owned my mind, but it felt like an even greater invasion because I was seeing it on a site that I felt was as a safe haven from this kind of capitalist bullshit.

So from my perspective the ads are fucking with my user experience.

I then read the thread about the ads and I see a post from zz saying “we’re just trying to get paid for our time”. Which I didn’t think they would do because they’re not professionals and they resisted paying outside professionals to work on the site in the past. So I asked how long we have to put up with these ads and the response was thuggish, like, “we don’t have to answer to you”, and it just reeked of corruption. There’s no oversight, there’s no plan to limit the payments, the whole model for the website shifted from a community to the same type of business that i thought we all hated at 2p2. Where now I’m producing content that one or two people are making money off of. And they’re good guys, they’re great guys, they’re not Mason malmuth, but I still don’t like it.


If you’re not seeing ads right now, that’s because ads are turned off for donors and patrons. Ads are running on all the skins. We can’t turn them on or off for certain skins

Got it.

What greg said. I’m not going to try to block this, but my feeling is that donations are pure donations expecting nothing in return and giving money is not something that makes someone a better member.

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