Help Desk

If you have any questions about how to do something in Discourse, post them here. I’ll also be adding instructions for quoting posts, posting links, embedding media and all the basics that are a little different here than what you may be used to.

How to start a new topic? Or rather why can’t I start one?

I go on “sundry chitchat”. There is in the right upper corner a button “+new topic”, but I can’t click on it.

We’re still in preview mode. We should be open for general posting in less than 24 hours.

OK. I have something for OOT. :)

Can we/how do we go about making “wiki” posts?

What is a wiki post?
How to create a Wiki post

I can imagine this functionality would be quite useful - microbets podcast thread for example or, when it’s created, an environment/climate change thread with the opening post gradually being added to to create an easy to find resourse.

edit 1: This edit is by me (StrontiumDog

edit 2: this edit is by ggorei’s non-admin gimmick account for testing things

edit 3: this is by marksman and I greegree

edit 4: This edit was made by otatop, faaaaaaaaaar outside the proposed edit window being discussed elsewhere.

I just made your post a wiki. Let’s see what happens. There is now an “Edit” option for your post where “Reply” used to be.

I’ve made an edit - can someone else give it a go

Now that I’m logged out of my Admin account I do not get the Edit option, just the regular Reply. So mods/admins and OP can make edits to the wiki. Maybe that’s because this account is new, or maybe regular posters can’t edit wikis. I’ll look into it

okay, that was just because I was a level 1 basic new user with limited permissions. I made myself a normal user and now I can edit your wiki

Is there a way to make this look better? I don’t like the name and avatar getting their own big ass horizontal line. It kills my reading flow.

“Make this look better” is a bit subjective. Can you be more specific, maybe post a screen shot with what you don’t like and how you’d like it to be different, or at least say which theme you’re using.I do not see any big-ass horizontal lines.

(Not on mobile - but sized browser) I can see a layout/sizing issue.

2 screen shots - one from here and one from boing boing - which also uses discourse,

Oh that’s weird. What device are you on? Do you know what your screen size is? Here’s how it looks for me.

I’m on a win7 laptop (FF & Chrome) - seems to be overridding any responsive css it may have with…

Sorry. I’m being imprecise with my language. I mean “line” as in “line of text” (although most of the space for text is blank unless the username is really long). I’m saying I don’t like this format.

Avatar AllTheCheese
Blah blah blah blah
Like, quote, whatever

As opposed to what we had previously

Avatar_____ | blah blah blah
AllTheCheese |

Anyway to make it look like that?

… it’s not just there though - there are a few more fixed widths further up the avatars container chain…

Discourse doesn’t work like a normal site should wrt responsiveness. I’ll answer more in a bit after I respond to ATC

Is this what you mean?

If so, I think that was already brought up and zikzak responded (the short answer is that we can’t change that–that’s just how Discourse does it), and I’ll link to that exchange if I can find it.

Yeah that’s what I mean. Bummer if we can’t do it, but thanks for letting me know.

Discourse uses Global CSS, as well as CSS you get on Desktop only, and CSS you get on Mobile only. I’m not a web dev, but I think that’s supposed to depend on @media screen size detection, but Discourse seems to use UserAgent queries to determine whether you are on desktop or on mobile, and will serve you the desktop.css if it thinks you’re on a desktop even if you’re using a 320px screen.