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There is no context in which “ghetto blaster” is not a racist term. And why the fuck should I have to take the stairs with my curry? If the smell bothers someone, THEY can take the stairs.


Yes there is, and it happens in other countries (yes, they do really exist) where there are no connotations of racism with that phrase.

Also, you don’t have to take the stairs in that situation, but it would be considerate if people did.

“Why should we do xyz which is no trouble to us, so as not to bother each other” is quite the deplorable, isn’t it?

Like, I’ve called it a ghetto blaster randomly in the last several years but come on.

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No. America is not the whole world. Areas called ghettos don’t even exist in the UK ffs. Come on.

are you trying to say that ghetto doesn’t imply things like crime, gang violence, poverty in the UK?


OH, Where did this term come from then?

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Well I’m guessing the UK didn’t independently and coincidentally coin it at the same time as we did.

You’re literally using “black people say it too” as your main argument in the same post as bringing up the n-word to contrast it with.

Ghetto isn’t a word we’ve ever used on its own.




I don’t know any context, where it would be used as something racist. And “yes” it is used in Russian and German in exactly the usage that google delivers as first hit: a large portable radio and cassette or CD player.

edit: sorry . I saw greg’s post too late.

just lol


So in your question you admit both are racist but want to know which one is more racist?

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Here’s where you just get it crucially wrong. There are no places where it has no racist connotations.There are only places where people are ignorant of the racist connotations of things. Their ignorance doesn’t magically remove a word from it’s cultural context to other listeners.


I am laughing at the idea of some future historian reading this and trying to translate the curry stairs discussion into some kind of race related issue.


Oh I can do polls, too. How many people are going to have to tell jalfrezi he’s wrong about this being racist before he admits it?

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  • He’s dying on this hill

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So your argument is that “ghetto blaster” has a different, non-racist connotation in the UK than in the US, which is to suggest that “ghetto” means something different in the UK. You now admit that there are not even ghettos in the UK.

Nice own goal there, bud. A real howler!

Amazing isn’t it that two countries can use the same language differently? Or maybe you wouldn’t know.

I’m certainly not about to adopt your vernacular to stop your ever-so-sensitive fee fees from being hurt.

Wonder why you think this is about the poster’s feelings or why you think you’ve hurt a poster’s feelings

Certainly not because you’re using a classic and disingenuous deflection tactic you’ve learned from celebrity racists, especially UK celebrity racists

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There are. And if you never been to them it is your problem.

It is surprisingly stupid to accuse JF of racism, especially if you pay attention and know his history.

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He is obviously not racist. The term is racist though.


May be the term is racist in USA. The term has zero racial connotation in more that half of the world.