Great American hegemony - our definitions count, yours don't, wherever you are.



Good argument!

I’ve seen how you absorb good arguments.


There’s no such thing as a person who’s incapable of making racist mistakes just because overall they’re not a racist

There’s certainly people unwilling to learn from the racist mistakes they make, though

That there exist places where people would not consider something racist, does not eliminate the places where that thing is obviously racist. When engaging in international communication, a racist thing to do would be to refuse to listen and get defensive and shut down against context that’s offered to you.


That’s why I was surprised he’d use it, but he did, and it is racist.

Yep. And quite frankly, for continuing to die on this hill even as tons of people tell him it’s racist, I have to re-adjust my views on his degree of racism and how it fits in with his posting history and his motivations behind some of his past posts.

It’s weird I can google and find references to UK ghettos, also Islamic “no go” zones referenced as Islamic ghettos.


Pretty sure catholic ghettos in North Ireland are a thing. Is there really an instance since WWII that ghetto hasn’t been used to describe where some “other” group lives?

The famous yuppie ghettos of Amsterdam.

Except I’m not doing that,I’m saying a phrase he used has a somewhat racist connotation.
And I fundamentally disagree that racist stuff isn’t racist if the person saying it doesn’t know it is, that’s my whole point here. Zwarte Piet is racist af even if the Dutch don’t think they mean any particular insult by it. I’m not saying they’re all racist, I’m saying this thing is super insulting to a ton of people and perpetuates a derogatory stereotype. You can do that out if ignorance, not just malice.


Self-awareness? Context here is everything, as I’ve been saying.

No, it’s your mistake dude. Phrases don’t have fixed connotations that transfer perfectly intact to other countries every time, especially when those other countries don’t even use one of the words in a phrase.

You’re so culturally impoverished and bereft of knowledge of the world you think Americans can decide what terms are racist elsewhere, based solely on their use in USA#1. You’ve got the government you deserve. Fuck off again.

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It looks like we can add to that list above your ignorance of how languages work and how meanings change with time and location.

Oh now this sounds more interesting than your risible attempts to impose cultural hegemony on the rest of the world. Which past posts are you referring to, conceited clown? Your pomposity and self-importance have always been there for all to see but here they are frankly off the scale.

You’re losing your mind. If lockdown loneliness is getting to you you could always create another imaginary lockdown gf.

At least some countries are willing to discuss racism. Czechs are full-on racist while still flat out denying it. Even the most left-leaning people here have some hate for at least one nationality or religion. Pretty much everybody here hates Roma and does little to hide their disgust.

There are no prefaces before making them. They’re just said. Here are some interesting images and articles:

86% of Czechs are opposed to non-EU migrants

The article above deals with perceptions of “mixed” relationships. Guess which country is most racist in the EU.

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Starting with 2:30 might be interesting.
" If I think of black face I think of lynching, when my husband does he thinks of Christmas".

“I did some researching, some digging, on wikipedia because that’s how you learn things in America.”

It’s only funny because it has some truth.

Re title change yeah it’d sure be a shame

I guess to a Euro “Ghetto blaster” isn’t racist against black people.

I mean it’s not like the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto had boom boxes. Now, if they were all blowing their shofars willy-nilly…

The phrase obviously came from American TV and was adopted here by black and white youths alike despite “ghetto” not being a UK thing.

Those posters saying “Oh look I’ve googled some references to British ghettos” are, hopefully with the best of intentions but again ignorantly, quoting mainly from far right newspapers some of which actually supported Hitler ffs. I wonder why those sources might want to create the idea of ghettos here?