GOP Insanity Containment 2: This is the Place. This is the Time, Cowboy.

Should there be a distinction between one who has done either and one who has not?

Not to me (assuming we’re talking about consenting adults across the board with no sketchy/illegal stuff going on).

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What do you think the distinction is between having sex for money with one person or with several different people? What is the problem; having sex for money or having sex with lots of people?

Yeah sex workers working with consenting adults and not breaking any laws etc should not be shamed.

They shouldn’t, but in our society well known ones can’t just walk into many office jobs without repercussion. For one, it may make many in the office uncomfortable and HR is hesitant to allow them.

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I think this is probably only true for women. A man who was/is a porn star on the side would just be seen as VP material for his innovation.

Any employer’s concern with it should be limited to whether or not it interferes with their job at the employer’s company. Other than that, I think any standard labor law protection (i.e. not in the US where workers have no protections) would make it awfully hard for the employer to justify any punitive action for this. Unless she’s making videos where she’s saying stuff like “I’m going to fuck you like my employer fucks our clients!” or something.

Not if he was a gay porn star, so maybe the problem is people who have sex with men.

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I would have guessed that Susanna Gibson’s hobby probably hurts more with the female vote.

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Out walking my dog this morning, and it looks like I’ve got a crazy neighbor.


2024 is going to be terrible.


Vivek is only the GOP’s first attempt at cloning Trump, we can expect other iterations.

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But, it’ll be better than 2025! #brightside

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It’s all just stupid political theatre now - such a fake tough guy act. A fight didn’t almost break out, he knew that someone would hold him back, but he will now run ads showing him willing to fight.


Always reminds me of this all time great Onion piece.


Unbelievably, Mullin has a 3-0-0 MMA record. No mention as to the quality of his opponents. May have declined over the last 16 years.

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Meanwhile, Kevin McCarthy is out here apparently giving shoulder bumps to people who voted against him for Speaker.